Is Blockchain in a war with other technologies?

Blockchain, a technology which has garnered the attention globally has expanded from being just the underlying technology for cryptocurrency transaction to be the underpinning technology for myriads of other applications.…
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Are Blockchains Better than Patents ?

Blockchain Technology has a lot of promise for several industries around the world, from banking and finance to supply chain management and logistics. But perhaps a more interesting use case…
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When and Why to Use Blockchain Technology?

Whenever we talk about technological revolution, Blockchain has its own place. It’s one technology which over the last decade has drastically transformed myriads of industries. Starting off as the underlying…
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Ethereum Jobs in Mumbai

There are approximately genuine 100 Ethereum jobs in Mumbai as of August 2018 on various job portals like LinkedIn, Naukri and Indeed. These companies are looking for Ethereum professionals ranging…
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