Refund Policy

We, at Blockchain Council, offer valuable and the most in-demand education in Blockchain and Blockchain allied technologies. Our services are available for purchase through online or offline channels. Please note that we do not offer any trading practices or financial recommendations here.

Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by Blockchain Council, full payment for participation in any of our offerings is required at the time of registration. In the case of offerings that include a trial window, such a trial window shall be made available only after an explicit request. Before any of your purchases, please use this free trial to make sure that the services meet your needs and requirements.

When you purchase any of our offerings, post payment clearance, your access to use the corresponding resources will be activated. Once the resource access is activated, no refunds (partially or fully) are processed. In rare cases, we may allow refunds only if our support team receives the request within seven days of purchase. After seven days of purchase, we will not be able to entertain any refund request.

You will not be eligible for any refund if Blockchain Council is taking action against you due to your involvement in “Restricted Activities”(refer Terms & Conditions). Questions? Contact us.