About Us

What is Blockchain Council?

We are a group of subject experts & enthusiasts who are evangelizing the Blockchain Research & Development, Use Cases, Products & Knowledge for the better world. The Blockchain technology has tons of scope in automatizing the major task where the human trust is required without involving any human or a trusted third party.

We together see this succeed as a collaborative effort by people who are expert in their area and are ready to share their knowledge & promoting the use cases.

What do we do?

We promote everything related to blockchain without being biased on particular technology or platform. Every use cases or problems has a different need due to their unique nature. We at Blockchain Council share our perspective & view on those use cases & technology that must be tried for that use case.

For our members, we conduct frequently free webinars, offer free training & certifications, organize free seminars & events to share our knowledge with them.

Why must you join?

Join if you want to ride this technology wave and remain ahead of the rest of the world in understanding the use cases of the technology & removing the trust layer without involving a human.

How can I join?

Just fill this membership form to join the Council & avail membership benefits. We are currently accepting the free registration for the early members.