Certified Prompt Engineer™

Boost your tech and AI career trajectory with our industry-leading Certified Prompt Engineer™ Certification Program. Experience the exponential power of prompt engineering and redefine your proficiency with large language models. With our program, you’ll delve into the craft of generating prompts that produce precise and contextually relevant responses. Through the exploration of real-world case studies, you’ll see firsthand the profound impact of prompt engineering and be armed with pragmatic knowledge to handle any scenario. Gain invaluable hands-on experience with the OpenAI API, the engine behind effective prompt engineering. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge techniques and advanced concepts that challenge conventional wisdom, keeping you at the leading edge of this rapidly evolving discipline. As a Certified Prompt Expert, you will open the floodgates to infinite career opportunities. By joining our certification program, you’re not only learning but also contributing to shaping the future of AI with your newfound expertise. Stand out from the crowd, demonstrate your prowess, and mark your achievements in this groundbreaking AI prompts field. With us, your journey to becoming a Certified Prompt Expert starts today. Commit to exceptional career advancement and success. Enroll now.


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Course Duration

6 Hours




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Certification Exam

Modules Included

  • What is Prompt Engineering?
  • Importance of Prompt Engineering
  • Applications of Prompt Engineering
  • Definition and Types of Prompts
  • Components of a Prompt
  • Understanding Prompt Context
    Problems and Challenges with Prompts
  • Eliciting Desired Response
  • Eliciting Desired Response – Hands On
  • Clarity and Specificity in Prompts
  • Dealing with Ambiguity
  • Handling Sensitive Topics and Content Safeguards
  • Importance of Context in Prompt Design
  • Prompt Strategies for Better Output
    Useful Prompt Templates
  • Case Studies: Prompt Engineering Examples
  • Step-by-Step Process of Creating Prompts
  • Prompt engineering for Text Summarization
  • Prompt engineering for Information Extraction
  • Prompt engineering for Question Answering
  • Prompt engineering for Text Classification
  • Prompt engineering for Code Generation
  • Prompt engineering for Reasoning
  • Analyzing and Evaluating Prompt Performance
  • Overview of OpenAI API
  • ChatGPT PlayGround
  • How to setup ChatGPT add-on?
  • Get started with ChatGPT in Google Docs
  • Get started with ChatGPT in Google Sheets
  • Data generation trick for ChatGPT in Google Sheets
  • Harnessing the Power of System Messages and Instructions
  • Dealing with Biases in Prompt Responses
  • Mitigating Inappropriate or Unwanted Responses
  • Engineering Prompts for Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts
  • Building Iterative and Interactive Prompt Chains
  • Evolution and Trends in AI Conversational Models
  • Innovations and Opportunities in Prompt Engineering
  • Challenges and Ethical Considerations in Prompt Engineering

Recommend allocating 1 hour daily to complete the course in 6 Days.

Though you can attempt the online exam anytime as per your convenience, we highly recommend attempting the exam within 10Days of course completion, as the subject will be fresh in your mind, and you get sufficient time to prepare/revise as well

Followed by the certification session, an exam will be conducted for a total of 100 marks.

You need to acquire 60+ marks to clear the exam.

If you fail to acquire 60+marks, you can retake the exam after one day.

The maximum number of retakes will be three.

If you fail to acquire 60+ marks even after three attempts, then you need to contact us to get assistance for clearing the exam.

Top Job Roles

A Certified Prompt Engineer™ is a highly skilled tech expert who harnesses their expertise to optimize the performance and outcomes of language models. They specialize in tasks like natural language processing, conversation generation, and content generation, utilizing their deep understanding of prompt design to elicit accurate and relevant responses from these models. With their proficiency in prompt engineering techniques, they ensure the delivery of high-quality outputs that meet the specific requirements of complex tech projects. Certified Prompt Engineers™ are at the forefront of the field, leveraging their knowledge to push the boundaries of what’s possible with language models.

If you are passionate about AI and technology, and aspire to leverage large language models to their maximum potential, this certification is for you. Whether you are a seasoned AI researcher, a software engineer, a data scientist, or a tech professional involved in natural language processing projects, enrolling in this certification will empower you with the skills and knowledge to become a trailblazer in prompt engineering. By mastering the art of prompt design and optimization, you will gain a competitive edge in the industry, opening doors to limitless opportunities in the dynamic world of AI and technology.

A Certified Prompt Engineer™ is equipped with the skills and knowledge to perform various tasks and responsibilities related to prompt engineering. Some key roles and responsibilities of a Certified Prompt Engineer™ are Designing Effective Prompts, Optimizing Model Performance, Troubleshooting, Debugging and more. By leveraging their expertise, a Certified Prompt Engineer™ plays a crucial role in driving innovation, creating engaging conversational experiences, and optimizing the performance of language models.

  • SaaS Industry
  • Education and Training Industry
  • E-commerce and Finance
  • Social Network, Media and Communications Industry

Certification Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

A Certified Prompt Engineer is an individual who has undergone a specialized training program designed to empower them with the skills and knowledge required to become proficient in utilizing the power of prompt engineering. This program is led by seasoned professionals well-versed in natural language processing and artificial intelligence. Participants gain a deep understanding of the underlying principles and techniques involved in Prompt Engineering.

The Certified Prompt Engineer certification program can benefit various individuals. These include individuals who want to pursue a career in ChatGPT and AI, IT professionals who want to upgrade their skills and knowledge in Prompt engineering, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to integrate ChatGPT into their business operations, and enthusiasts who seek to keep themselves updated with the latest trends in the AI domain.

The certification process for the Certified Prompt Engineer program is recommended to be completed in 6 days if one allocates 1 hour daily. However, the online exam can be attempted anytime as per the participant’s convenience, although it is highly recommended to attempt the exam within 10 days of program completion.

The certification process for the Certified Prompt Engineer program is recommended to be completed in 6 days if one allocates 1 hour daily. However, the online exam can be attempted anytime as per the participant’s convenience, although it is highly recommended to attempt the exam within 10 days of program completion.

Please refer to the Blockchain Council’s official website for the most up-to-date pricing information on the Certified Prompt Engineer program, as well as any available payment options or discounts.


Yes, you can retake the certification exam if you don’t pass it on your first attempt. Please check the specific policies and guidelines provided by the Blockchain Council regarding the number of allowed attempts and any associated fees.

The benefits of being a Certified Prompt Engineer include sessions with experienced trainers, lifetime access to learning resources, 24/7 technical support, and a globally recognized certification. Additionally, participants will also have access to an alumni network of professionals to stay informed on the latest industry developments.

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