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    You get to learn about the key areas and implementation of the Blockchain technology to distinguish your professional profile, and get certified by the Blockchain Council.

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    You develop and build your career in the Blockchain technology space, and explore more about Blockchain with our Blockchain Council members who expertise in this technology.

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    You lead and grow professionally by providing Blockchain based solutions to businesses and enterprise applications.

    Signing up with Blockchain Council to become a Certified Hyperledger Developer was one of the best decisions I made. It has aided me in acquiring the foundations required for the development, deployment, and maintenance of Blockchain network on Hyperledger Fabric.

    Mr. Samyak Jain

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    You get to learn from the top experts in Blockchain. In addition to that, you receive proper guidance and can clear every doubt during your training.


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    You receive specialized and more comprehensive learning of Blockchain technology that helps you in utilizing lifelong benefits of the certification and the resources provided.