Blockchain Council gives you an opportunity to learn from top experts around the world. Our blockchain specialization courses are uniquely curated for blockchain professionals by premiers of multifarious industries. These are self-paced training ranging from 4 hours to 6 hours that require your attentiveness. Upon successful completion of these certifications, you’re required to take an exam that eventually awards you with a certificate of becoming a Blockchain professional.

The Certified Blockchain & Digital Marketing Professional Certification focuses on how Blockchain is revolutionizing digital marketing in every industry. It covers topics like trust and transparency, using smart contracts in digital marketing, reduced online fraud, etc.

The Certified Blockchain & HR Professional Certification is very beneficial for HR Professionals in improving talent management, verification of potential hires, performance evaluation, etc. It helps to digitize human resources using blockchain technology.

The Certified Blockchain & Law Professional Certification is for law executives focusing on enhanced litigation funding, automated agreements with smart contracts, etc. It accelerates and streamlines the whole process.

The Certified Blockchain & Supply Chain Professional Certification will aid you in producing solutions that improve revenue, improve the quality of the supply chain, reduce costs, reduce fallacies, and make it more efficient.

The Certified Blockchain & Finance Professional Certification is meant for finance professionals looking to improve trade finance transactions and for enhanced tracking of LCs, Shipping bills, Tax invoices, etc.

The Certified Blockchain & KYC Professional Certification can provide assistance to Know Your Customer (KYC) professionals in supplementing the process by enabling seamless and secure data exchange at a fraction of the cost.

The Certified Blockchain & Healthcare Professional Certification will help you to maintain blockchain-based systems for recording, sharing, and storing sensitive patient data in a secure and reliable manner.

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