What determines the viability of Blockchain?

When it comes to stabilizing the current economic system, then we have to take into consideration various aspects of transactions, contracts, and their record-keeping. Although we have a well-defined system…
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What is the Komodo BarterDEX?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero which are the established projects in the cryptocurrency space have received a lot of media attention over the last several months. This has caused…
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How can Blockchain reduce corruption?

When it comes to technology, then it has never ceased to leave us overwhelmed by its benefits; whether it was the internet revolution which has changed the world to the…
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How Can a Restaurant Use Blockchain Technology?

Blockchains, the underlying technology behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, has real-world implications that far exceed that of payments. Since Blockchains enable us to make trustless transfers over the internet, they have…
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