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SatoshiFomo: First Dapp game on Bitcoin Blockchain

With each passing day, the world is unraveling new ways to use Blockchain. Though its initial application was restricted to only financial transactions, Blockchain now finds use cases in the different business niche. The gaming industry is one of the most unconventional places where we could think about using Blockchain. But its features and benefits…

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Blockchain Technology to be implemented in Gaming Industry

Blockchain technology has far reaching consequences for not only banking and finance but also healthcare, real estate, logistics and many others. We have already discussed how distributed ledger technology is going to impact each of these sectors in the future, so let’s take a look at a new area that stands to gain a lot…

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What is Blockchain Gaming?

When it comes to technology, we have to admit the fact that it is highly dynamic. Every day we hear about some new, developments in this domain and the recent one is Blockchain. This technology has given us some revolutionary changes which are bound to change the future course of action of various business niches….