Sony New Patents for NFTs to facilitate Games and Consoles Cross-transfer

Sony’s Patent for NFTs on PlayStation: A New Era for Web3 Gaming

After a series of developments in gaming and Web3 ecosystems, the Gaming and Entertainment space leader Sony has now stepped into enhancing the interoperability of digital assets like NFTs. The new patent filed by the company last week shows that the brand is bringing a new solution to transfer NFTs with conventional consoles and platforms like computers and VR headsets. The flagship and one of the most iconic products from the house of Sony, PlayStation will offer more interoperability with Web3-enabled games to deliver a new-age gaming experience to the end user. 

It will eliminate the limitation on transferring in-game assets among devices like Smartphones, computers, tablets, and Virtual Reality Headsets. However, the most noticeable fact of the filed patent was that with this new development, users could share and transfer non-fungible tokens to previous generations of PlayStation like PS 4. 

Recently the brand has nurtured various Blockchain-based products and services. For instance, the company launched motion-tracking wearables to offer gamers more control over their virtual avatar and enhance the feedback of avatar-based immersive gaming experiences. After this breakthrough, the brand also partnered with Astar, a growing Blockchain network, to develop more feasible technologies and services with modern tech revolutions like NFTs, Blockchain, and DAO. 

The filed patent also shared information about the enhanced task tracker mechanism that refrains users from repeatedly collecting the same NFTs with the same tasks. The brand also focused on increasing interoperability with other players in the market, like Xbox. With this, Sony extends collaborative support to other gaming consoles to feature the transfer of ownership of NFTs. The end goal, however, is to make NFTs mainstream as an achievement for gaming championships and tournaments and establish a new market demographic in the Web3 gaming industry with NFTs and collectorship. 

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