MatchboxDAO is Set to Host an Esports Event for Web3 Developers

MatchboxDAO is Set to Host an Esports Event for Web3 Developers

MatchBox Arena, an esports event created especially for programmer engagement, has been launched by a group of developers, artists, or designers developing on-chain game infrastructure using StarkNet. The “World Cup of Web3 businesses” gaming tournament, as the team termed it, is intended to determine which company does have the best technical team.

The “0xMonaco: Battle of Titans” competition would bring together Web3 programmers from businesses like Uniswap, Ledger, Polygon, Chainlink, or Near. The group announced that it would be broadcast live and include esports analysts.

On-chain games for programmers have used a novel technique by focusing on strategy games in which participants program their strategies using contracts. To succeed in 0xMonaco or similar games in the future, players will need strong technical aptitude, originality, and agility. Through video simulations that show the exact code logic used during the round, MatchBoxDAO claimed to provide developers with a pleasurable experience and delight viewers.

The ideal Web3 teams will compete in closed tournaments held by MatchBox Arena, while everyone else can participate in open challenges. Participants can enter the arena, post their code scheme, and engage in rounds with other players. Players or viewers can follow their preferred squad’s progression on a leaderboard or stream live replays of the games.

Game developers are now moving beyond play-to-earn and concentrating on the gameplay side of their networks due to the Web3 ecosystem’s continued influence and evolution on the gaming scene.

Cointelegraph reported on January 7 that web-based gambling might also be impacted by artificial intelligence. OpenAI might allow developers to provide better art, more challenging encounters, and better narration, giving players a much richer and more interactive experience.

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