New Survey Of Game Developers Indicates Their Excitement To Work On Web3 Games In The Future

New Survey Of Game Developers Indicates Their Excitement To Work On Web3 Games In The Future

According to a recent survey, developers think incorporating Web3 will affect user enrolment and retention. A recent survey found that three out of four game creators anticipate working on Web3 game projects in the future as Blockchain gaming becomes more widely accepted.

To obtain a glimpse of game creators’ opinions on Web3, Blockchain entertainment company Coda Labs commissioned a survey of that group. 75% of respondents said they expected to work on Web3 projects in the future, indicating that most respondents thought Web3 gaming was on its way to their companies.

Additionally, more than half of those surveyed think Web3 will completely change the game business. According to 40% of respondents, integrating Web3 will increase the number of new users, while 36% think doing so will improve game user retention.

 New Survey Of Game Developers Indicates Their Excitement To Work On Web3 Games In The Future

The survey’s results were discussed by Sekip Can Gökalp, the founder and CEO of Coda Labs, who noted that while the potential of Web3 games is being contested, the benefits for creators are clear. “This survey demonstrates that the majority of developers have already dabbled in Web3 game creation, motivated by benefits like more funding, new revenue streams, and player retention,” the speaker said.

Many developers know that Web3 opens up new revenue streams in addition to bringing in new consumers and keeping them. One of the key advantages of Web3 is selling non fungible tokens (NFTs), according to 47% of poll respondents, while 43% see cryptocurrency tokens as a potential source of additional income.

Only some people, though, are optimistic that Web3 will endure. The study results also reveal that 32% of respondents believe Web3 games are merely a fad and will only last for a while.

While many of the developers who took part in the poll think that NFTs and crypto tokens can be new sources of income, a different survey conducted recently revealed that players have a greater interest in earning Bitcoins while playing games.

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