Decentralized Vs. Centralized

Decentralized Vs. Centralized: A Detailed Comparison

A company’s foundation and principles outline managing business activities in an organizational structure. Small business owners are usually in charge of developing the company’s organisational structure, which is often a…
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Baidu Launches Blockchain OS For Dapps

The blockchain is one of the latest technological development that has piqued the interest of every company. From manufacturing to retail, every business operations is affected by Blockchain. This distributed…
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When and Why to Use Blockchain Technology?

Whenever we talk about technological revolution, Blockchain has its own place. It’s one technology which over the last decade has drastically transformed myriads of industries. Starting off as the underlying…
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Supply Chain Operating Models

Blockchain technology emerged as a decentralized currency of the internet with a public ledger that held records of every transaction on the network. However, as adoption increased, people started coming…
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