Why is Decentralization Critical to IoT?

Irrespective of whether we are working from home or a workplace, we are always surrounded by numerous internet-connected devices, day in and day out. In today’s context, internet connectivity has…
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How Can Blockchain Be Used In Real Estate?

The Blockchain is the real star of cryptocurrency evolution. Since 2009, till date, we have seen this technology growing at a breakneck pace. Irrespective of its areas of application, Blockchain…
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Blockchain-In-Automotive-Industry. (1)

Blockchain In Automotive Industry

The Blockchain is disrupting every industry radically and is also paving the way to lay the foundation stone for a new industrial transformation. There are many changes that have emerged…
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Role Of Blockchain In The Manufacturing Industry

Blockchain technology has the potential to radically transform businesses across various sectors. Many industries like healthcare, education, supply chain, retail, and many other sectors are undergoing a transformation under the…
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How Can Blockchain Transform Higher Education?

Despite scepticism surrounding cryptocurrencies, the technology behind it, Blockchain is garnering the attention of the world. The impact is so massive that almost all the industries around the globe. The…
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