“Like many people, I was always confused about blockchains and cryptocurrencies and didn’t really know how to differentiate between them. This was when Blockchain Council came to my rescue as their certification has certainly exceeded my expectations,” states Gaurav Ghule, a learner at Blockchain Council.

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On completion of the Certified Blockchain Expert training, Gaurav feels that he is ready to dive deep into the Blockchain domain and succeed in his career by swimming in the sea of lucrative jobs and choosing the one that suits him best. Gaurav’s passion for learning about disruptive technologies in detail is what has led him to take the bold step of enrolling in certifications. He believes that learning continuously and being self-motivated is what drives one to succeed in their preferred fields. Gaurav is an experienced senior analyst who demonstrates a history of having a successful career in the domain of management consulting. His strong areas are code review, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessment.


When asked about how likely he is to recommend this course, he said, “The Certified Blockchain Expert certification offered by the Blockchain Council is all things professional. I have now gained a lot of insights into the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. I will certainly recommend Blockchain Council to my peers as they offer specified training courses with the professional touch. One will gain the perfect skills, knowledge, and expertise needed to make their mark in the blockchain sphere.”


Gaurav is currently working as a senior analyst for Deloitte, India. He believes that holding a blockchain certificate equips him with the perfect competitive advantage needed to stay ahead of his peers as blockchain, like any other field, is highly competitive and demands one to stay focused and successful. To achieve this success, it is important for one to be noticed by employers and adding the details of a blockchain certification to the resume, will certainly make people stand out and get noticed.


Gaurav says that enrolling in the Certified Blockchain Expert certification has equipped him with the confidence he would need to design blockchain solutions for industries spread across various domains. “In my opinion, it is indeed rare to see platforms that really make a difference in the lives of the learners. In my case, I consider myself lucky to have gained the much-needed knowledge and confidence from this course to survive in this competitive sphere.”

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