“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”― Mark Twain


Truly said, getting started is the key to reach our destination. Today’s personality under focus is Mr.Chirag Soni, who believes in actions rather than only weaving ideas. Chirag is doing MBA from IIM Bangalore and holds more than seven years of experience in the technology domain. Chirag has always been fond of technology, and when he encountered Blockchain technology in one of the seminars organized by Blockchain Council, it made him curious to explore more.

In his own words “Being a part of the Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning domain, I have always been interested in keeping pace with technology. I have witnessed how technological innovations can disrupt existing beliefs and replace age-old methodologies once thought to be the only way to do a task. For quite some time, I developed an inclination towards Blockchain and Distributed Ledger and was doing my research on it online. Other than Blockchain Council there was no consistent and structured information available on the web that can help you learn comprehensively about this domain.”

Chirag started his journey of Blockchain with Blockchain Council by enrolling in a certified Blockchain Expert Course. The course rendered him the insight of the Blockchain technology and equipped him with the functional knowledge of it. Chirag attributes his success to Blockchain Council by saying, “The course includes most of the latest developments around the Blockchain technology, and also teaches you how to set up your Blockchain. The pace is perfect, and the instructors are very well versed. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone who wants a comprehensive knowledge of Blockchain technology.”

Chirag plans to explore Blockchain applications in the analytics field post the completion of his MBA. Blockchain wishes Chirag all the very best for his future endeavours.


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