Samsung Introduces Gauss AI, Set To Challenge ChatGPT

Samsung Introduces Gauss AI, Set To Challenge ChatGPT

Samsung unveiled its groundbreaking generative AI model, Samsung Gauss, at the Samsung AI Forum 2023. This forum, orchestrated by Samsung Research, gathered AI experts from both industry and academia to delve into the forefront of generative AI technology. Renowned speakers including Dr. Hyung Won Chung from OpenAI, Jason Wei from OpenAI, and Professor Hongsuck Seo from Korea University addressed pivotal challenges and outlined future trends in AI.

The focal point of the event was the introduction of Samsung Gauss, a generative AI model featuring Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image. Paying homage to the legendary mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, the model is poised to harness AI’s potential for global consumer well-being.

According to Daehyun Kim, Executive Vice President of the Samsung Research Global AI Center, “We will continue to support and collaborate with the industry and academia on generative AI research.” This commitment underscores Samsung’s dedication to advancing AI technologies in collaboration with the wider community.

Samsung Gauss Language, a generative language model, emerges as a pivotal tool for boosting work efficiency. It facilitates tasks such as composing emails, summarizing documents, and translating content. Kim notes its potential to “enhance the consumer experience by enabling smarter device control when integrated into products.”

The coding arena witnesses innovation with Samsung Gauss Code, complemented by the coding assistant code.i. This facet is tailored for in-house software development, empowering developers with an interactive interface for easy and swift coding. Notably, it supports functions like code description and test case generation.

The visual realm sees transformation with Samsung Gauss Image, a generative image model offering seamless generation and editing of creative images. From style changes to converting low-resolution images to high-resolution, its versatility promises enhanced visual content manipulation.

While currently employed for internal employee productivity, Samsung Gauss’s horizon extends to various product applications in the near future. Anticipated implementations include Samsung tablets and smartphones, with the Galaxy S24 expected to showcase the prowess of Gauss in 2024.

To address safety concerns, Samsung has established an AI Red Team dedicated to proactively monitoring security and privacy issues throughout the AI development and deployment process. This initiative aligns with Samsung’s commitment to ethical AI use, reflecting principles of AI ethics.

Samsung Gauss marks a significant leap in the field of generative AI, offering users an intuitive and personalized experience across diverse devices. As Samsung propels forward in AI development, the potential for innovative applications and enriched user experiences emerges as a promising trajectory.

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