China’s “Instagram” Chooses Conflux Network for Permissionless Blockchain Integration

Conflux Network is the blockchain integration system for China's "Instagram"

Little Red Book (XiaohongShu), China’s version of Instagram, has implemented Conflux Network as a permissionless Blockchain that allows users to showcase NFTs made on Conflux on the profile page in the “R-Space” section for internet materials.

This integration moves NFTs nearer to widespread acceptance, in which individuals actively utilize Web3 technology regularly within the same Web2 system, where the network has more than 200 million monthly active users.

Little Red Book has collaborated with NFTs and blockchains but has never utilized a permissionless network.

Ming Wu, CTO of Conflux, said, “large internet industry players in China have initiated efforts embracing the Web3 transition. Conflux is becoming the major bridge connecting the two worlds and taking a leadership role to expand Web3 technology into traditional industry scenarios.”

A major company using a permissionless Blockchain improves China’s pro-NFT approach from a regulatory standpoint. We anticipate increasing local companies contemplating Blockchain technology integration with current Web2 companies.

Owners of the original NFT may follow their Little Red Book profile page instructions to get the Conflux NFT. The Mimic Shhans organization, which has a substantial Chinese community base, submitted the first Conflux NFT that Little Red Book approved.

About Conflux

Conflux is a Layer 1 permissionless Blockchain that links diverse economies over boundaries and communication protocols. Conflux provides a swift, safe, and scalable Blockchain environment with minimal congestion, minimal costs, or enhanced network security. Nowadays, Conflux uses a hybrid PoW/PoS consensus.

Conflux offers a distinctive edge for projects developing and growing in Asia because it is the only public Blockchain in China that complies with regulations. Conflux has worked on Blockchain and metaverse projects with international companies and governmental organizations, notably Shanghai, McDonald’s, China, and Oreo.

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