P2E game Nyan Heroes wants to support 1B sheltered cats

P2E game Nyan Heroes wants to support 1B sheltered cats

P2E game Nyan Heroes wants to support 1B sheltered cats

The Non-Fungible Tokens are the latest ‘popular babies’ of the crypto space as investors continue to flock towards the sector for expanding their investments. What makes these digital collectibles even more special is the fact that they are actively used in channelizing noble initiatives by NFT firms. In the latest project, upcoming Play-to-Earn game Nyan Heroes has pledged to protect 1 billion sheltered cats in the United States.

According to the report, Nyan Heroes will save the cats from falling victim to the ruthless euthanization of the innocent animals in animal shelter houses in the country. The NFT project is a royal shooter-style game designed on the Solana blockchain platform. The project will allow gamers to indulge in a fierce competition with each other using NFTs featuring animated cats. The game will support first-ever mech-robot NFTs for the users.

The project is in its development stage since October and is likely to hit the market in the fourth quarter of 2022. The first NFT drop related to the game is available for holding and trading on renowned platforms like Fractal. As per the information from Solana Art, Nyan Heroes shines as the fourth-highest NFT project on the blockchain channel concerning its seven-day volume and market capitalization. The seven-day volume of the token is $279,000 while the market cap is $18.2M on the Solana ecosystem.

Talking about the project, Nyan Heroes co-founder Wendy Huang stated that her love for cats was an important catalyst for the charity pledged by the firm. The spearhead has been into crypto since 2016 and is a successful content creator with an expertise on multiple fields ranging from vlogs to DIY videos, pranks, etc. She has nearly 14M subscribers on YouTube. Earlier on December 24, Nyan Heroes announced a $250,000 donation from the earnings of its first NFT drop to the NPO named Best Friends Society.

The co-founder revealed that the project will launch a DAO that will provide the members voting rights on where the firm’s donations will be used in the future. She conveyed that a significant point for P2E blockchain games is sustainability over a long-time span. These games depend upon a continuous flow of users to keep themselves in a profitable position. The projects face difficulties when players indulge in continuous cash out as this drains value of the game. The Nyan Heroes sustainability infrastructure provides various features like an in-game stablecoin, staking rewards on NFTs, and a triple-A gaming experience for users.

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