Trailer For The NFT Movie Zero Contact Finally Been Released

With the Covid-19 pandemic raging across the world since the previous year, the film and entertainment business had to endure quite the setback as the theatres were shut down in fear of the further spread of the virus. Even then, we have seen some of the filmmakers daring to release their work, trying to keep the magic of watching cinema in the theatres alive. However, no matter how many films were released, none of them were as unique and innovative as the Anthony Hopkins starred Zero Contact’. 

This is the first movie in the world to have combined the magic of cinema and the raging new world of cryptocurrencies together and presented us with something we have never seen before. Zero Contact is coming out in a bid to deliver the promise of being the most innovative of films to date due to the fact that it has been able to adapt to the latest technologies available in the world of finance.

Vuele, which is a distribution platform for NFTs, is the company that is driving the gears behind this project, and they are completely focused on the growth of the overall NFT marketplace on a global scale. The movie, which is supposed to be released as a Non-Fungible Token, is going to star one of the most popular and talented actors on the planet, Sir Anthon Hopkins, who recently won an Oscar for his incredible acting in ‘The Father’ and previously in the notorious ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ in the iconic role of Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Zero Contact is the first movie to release as an NFT

Given the nature of this film, Zero Contact will become a hot trending topic prior to its release. The film has been produced while trotting the globe in several different countries across the world with the best developers, special effects teams, and top-of-the-line producers.

In the film, Anthony Hopkins plays the role of a computer genius who goes by the name Finley Hart and five other important characters who are somehow randomly connected with each other. The only thread of commonality between these five characters is their enormous amount of love, respect, and appreciation for the genius that this Finley Hart is. The film traces these five characters as they race against time in order to shut down or terminate the latest invention of Hart. What is even more interesting is the fact that this machine has been left behind by Hart in the form of inheritance and supposedly, this machine has the ability to solve all the problems that are facing this blue planet.

Chris Brochu, Verónica Ferres, Martin Stenmarck, Lilly Krug, Alexs Paunovic and TJ Kayama are also the ones who will be featuring in this unique thriller movie.

The advertising of this film is going to be completely different

Vuele, the website where NFT trades are carried on, has been promoting this feature film online using several different methods. They recently announced that they would be launching auctions using special Non Fungible Tokens on the 24th of September this year. The company is planning to create raffles for the ones who will be participating in these events enabling them to have a chance to win ‘Gold Tickets’ and also the chance to win several different products offered by the website only.

The film has been written as well as directed by Rick Dugdale, and this is his first encounter or interaction with the world of Non-Fungible Token, and he is equally excited about stepping into the future of asset technology. Dugdale mentioned that the film is unique in all aspects since everything about this film, starting from its production, distribution, and even filming, were all done under very rare circumstances. 

People who are interested in the film have the opportunity to check the details regarding the availability of tickets or the aforementioned NFT auctions on the very website of Vuele. Also, those who are interested to learn more about NFTs and other digital assets like cryptocurrencies can look into the  NFT Certification Programs and Trainings from the Blockchain Council, which is an authoritative figure imparting knowledge about blockchain and the latest technologies that are shaping this world.

However, it is beyond a doubt that Zero Contact is a film that takes advantage of the rising NFT phenomenon across the world. It also shows how this frenzy of decentralized networks looks like on the silver screen. 

Finishing thoughts: How to build your own NFT based projects?

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