Houston Texans to Offer Game Suite Using Cryptocurrencies

Houston Texans to Offer Game Suite Using Cryptocurrencies

The Houston Texans have hopped on the bandwagon among the teams who have started accepting crypto payments and alliances. According to the recent news, HT has become the first ever NFL (National Football League) to offer a single-game suite in lieu of cryptocurrencies.

Recently, BitWallet and Houston Texans collaborated to encourage crypto adoption in the gaming world. Both signed the dotted line and made BitWallet as the official crypto wallet for Houston Texans. Thus, for this season, Bitwallet would be the flagbearer for Houston Texans’ crypto wallet services.

Undeniably, the sports sector is playing a huge role in spreading awareness about the cryptocurrencies and with this, the players and sports lovers would be more leaned towards the idea.

Also, being the first ever team to offer a game suite for crypto, Houston Texans has coined its name in the history of NFL (National Football League).

The cryptocurrency bargain seems to be limited to suites as there hasn’t been any mention of being able to purchase standard match day tickets using digital assets at this time.

A game suite is a luxurious, private viewing space in a stadium that usually features banquets, expensive alcohol, TVs, attendants, and an excellent view of the action.

Instead of listing prices for single-game or full-season suites, the Texans’ website directs visitors to make an inquiry first in order to secure a suite. A single match suite for the team is estimated to cost between $14,000 and $25,000 by From the Seat. However, a spokesman from BitWallet informed a tabloid that the amount might reach $40,000.

The Dallas Cowboys were the first NFL team to do this in April when they reached a multi-year arrangement with Blockchain.com to act as its official digital asset partner.

As part of the agreement, the NFL and NFLPA also purchased shares in Dapper, and the two presumably earned a fair split of the $36.8 million in sales that NFL All Day has generated since February.

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