What is Cold Storage in Cryptocurrencies?

The world economy has been very shaky in the past few years. Under such circumstances, there has been an increasing inclination towards an alternate currency which is also known as…
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Hot Wallet vs Cold Wallet

With over 1200 cryptocurrencies in existence, it is essential to learn how to secure your crypto tokens or crypto-coins properly. For an ideal long-term cryptocurrency storage, users are recommended to…
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What Is Cryptocurency Mining & How It Works?

We all know that the process of mining generates digital oriented currency. This is mainly a technology which needs pressure and processing power to do the complete mining of intensive work. What…
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What Is Pool Mining & How It Works?

The Bitcoin pool or the mining pool is a certain network where we can find a collection of miners working as one and giving helping hand to reduce the return of…
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What Is Solo Mining & How It Works?

If we pay attention to the evolution of cryptocurrency mining, we will find the rapid change in the mining process. From CPU to now, it is ASIC mining. Aside from…
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What Is MultiChain Technology?

The MultiChain technology is a platform that helps users to establish a certain private Blockchains that can be used by the organizations for financial transactions. A simple API and a…
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