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US Congress and Blockchain Technology- To Allow Remote Senate Voting Amid COVID-19

With the help of blockchain technology, the U.S. Congress is considering developing a voting solution to allow remote Senate voting amid the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 virus has shut down significant sectors of society, including many functions of Congress, and has disrupted the U.S. Congress’s ability to meet and deliberate.   The memo was composed after…

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 Indians Will Have a New Method of Voting With Blockchain Technology

With the emergence of blockchain technology in every field, soon, India’s citizens will be able to cast their votes remotely. According to Election Commissioner, Sunil Arora, with a blockchain voting solution, India hopes to increase voter turnout.  The new system will allow citizens to cast their votes even when they are away from the city of…

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SWIFT Teams Up With HSBC, Deutsche Bank To Trial Blockchain Voting

The Blockchain is making its way to mainstream business operations. It has garnered the attention of the world where big names in the industry are eyeing at this technology as the future. A technology that started as the underlying technology of Bitcoin has now become a part of many business operations like retail management, data…