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How Can China Become a Leading Country with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology brings with it many improvements in a variety of fields from banking and finance to logistics and governance. Investors and businesses have been quite receptive to the idea of such an open and transparent ledger for their needs. The government, however, have remained more sceptical throughout the world of this disruptive new technology….

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China to build Online Ruling System on the Blockchain

Last few years we have seen many developments in the field of technology and Blockchain is one of them. It has the potential to transform the industry positively. At the core, this technology offers an immutable ledger which allows you to store the information in chronological order. Most of the time when we talk about…

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Why Chinese are funding Blockchain Startups?

Blockchain, the most significant technological revolution has taken the world by storm. From being a part of the supply chain to its application is a financial transaction, Blockchain has emerged as a multifaceted technology. It finds use in almost all business niches. Many counties have embraced this technology with open arms. However, there were some…