“Getting certified as a Blockchain Expert has given me an in-depth knowledge of Blockchain technology and how it works. The certification course details about the various use cases in numerous domains that inspire me to insert blockchain technology in our proposed ICT solution designs”, says Shadi Hamed, who successfully completed his certification course in the blockchain space.


Currently, Shadi works as a Manager with ICT Solutions Design and Proposal. He is a skilled professional with around 11 years of experience across multiple industries, serving numerous clients. He has worked with Customer Data Center Operations, Cloud and Co-Location Solutions Design, Manager Operations C&EM, and many other reputed organizations. He holds a deep understanding of data centers, electromechanical systems, field operations, and others.

With a B.Sc from AI Balqaa University, Shaadi has always been an enthusiastic learner. Now that he has acquired a certification course in blockchain space, he noted that “Getting trained as a Certified Blockchain Expert from a prestigious platform like Blockchain Council has helped me to enhance my overall knowledge in the blockchain domain.”

Shadi is always focussed and curious about learning futuristic technologies and smart solutions. His interest revolves around Blockchain, ICT, IoT, Data Centers Design, construction and Operations, Technical Facilities Management & Operations, Energy Smart Management, Electromechanical Maintenance, New Technologies Marketing, Facility Management, Constructions, Consultancy, etc.

According to Shadi, blockchain is one of the finest technologies that can revolutionize the way the world works. Before the training from Blockchain Council, he had an issue understanding what exactly Blockchain technology is, and how it may affect his ICT business streams. But after acquiring a certification course, he believes that, if any blockchain problem crop up, in the near future, he will be able to offer better blockchain solutions.

In his words, “I feel more confident in my career since I can now combine different and recent technologies into my solution design. And I can be an effective part of my company strategy to build a new blockchain platform and offer its services to the customers.



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