Success Story: Innocent Morai Arita

Innocent Morai Arita

“The Certified Cryptocurrency Trader live-training has added more knowledge and confidence, the understanding is clear, it is evident that a few understand where things are going. With much adoption Blockchain is key to global problems solving and transparency” says Innocent Morai, who successfully completed his instructor-led training (ILT) from Blockchain Council.

Innocent Morai believes in “Think Transform and Grow”. He has an extended 22 years of experience in Banking and has worked with organisations such as, High Performance Blueprint, Alpha Hospitality & Mgt consultants, expert in Social media, Financial adviser & People development etc. Being a Blockchain enthusiast, he decided to sign up with the Blockchain Council to become a Certified Cryptocurrency Trader

This live-training learning experience has given Morai enough confidence when it comes to the technical interpretation, and the aspect of analyzing Crypto accurately. He is now confident in Blockchain distinctions and what they do or represent, how it affects the current financial systems and its relational functioning compared to traditional banking.

When asked about his takeaways from the online training, he replied that Blockchain is the future combined with the AI and basically making all things be operated through Blockchain, self executing contracts brings a whole new way of looking at things. He is of the opinion that in the near future we are entering into a unified system that will render most of our operation obsolete. The earlier the better. Traditional way of doing things is overtaken by blockchain development on a daily basis.

Overall, Morai felt satisfied with the online Blockchain training, and now he considers it his best decision as he has gained much-needed confidence that will help him in applying it to his current work industry as well.

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