Quorum Certifications

The Quorum blockchain is primarily meant for the finance industry. Online Quorum certifications are booming since its development by JP Morgan. The Quorum blockchain is based on Ethereum, thus combining the novel features of the public Ethereum community with amplified enhancements to support enterprise needs. It makes the Quorum blockchain an enterprise-focused, private-permissioned blockchain infrastructure specifically designed for commercial use cases.

The Certified Quorum Expert training is a thorough training that equips you with Quorum expertise to elevate your career in the field of Blockchain. This online Quorum certification covers a range of topics starting from the basics of blockchain technology and ethereum. You also learn about the Quorum ecosystem and network in detail. The Quorum contracts and consensus are also discussed in-depth. Moreover, you will learn about the Zero-knowledge Security Layer (ZSL) and set-up your own Quorum environment and Quorum node from the source. All the use-cases of Quorum are also addressed in the certification.

The Certified Quorum Developer training is the perfect fit for you if you want to launch your career as a Quorum developer or want to specialize in the Quorum blockchain. This course can be taken by beginners to advanced professionals, as it covers all the crucial topics. Along with setting up a Quorum client environment, you’ll also be learning to connect Truffle to Quorum, interacting with contracts privately and the like. After taking the exam at the end of the course, you will be rewarded with a verifiable certificate by Blockchain Council.

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