NFT Platform Autograph Joining Hands With Famous Basketball Brand SLAM

The popular Non-Fungible Token Platform (NFT), Autograph, has been taking the world of sports NFTs by storm these days. The company was co-founded by the famous quarterback Tom Brady, who is also a future contender for the Hall OF Fame. Autograph has been able to successfully forge extraordinary deals with some of the top-rated athletes in the world across a variety of different sports. During this week, the popular NFT platform is aiming to hit the hardwood in order to partner up with SLAM

SLAM has been known for its outstanding classic and vintage magazine covers, which date back to the year 1994, but ever since then, the company has streamlined its business into the new era of digital ecosystems. As of now, SLAM serves as a platform that specializes in providing excellent content for basketball fans which includes special features, news, apparel, and interesting digital content. Their entire venture into the digital domain would have been completely incomplete without getting to taste the new flavor of NFTs.

Premium partners of Autograph

Within a short span of time, the NFT platform Autograph has partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry, which includes Derek Jeter, Naomi Osaka, Tony Hawk, and Simone Biles. The advisory board of the company, which is growing at a rapid pace, includes some of the most top-rated and highest achieving athletes in the world, spanning across different sports verticals throughout the world. In due course of the past few months, the company has managed to partner with DraftKings, and by doing so, they have provided the famous sports betting platform their first-ever entry into the world of NFTs.

With regards to a press release that was published during this week, Autograph will be serving as a platform that will enable the launch of some of the most historic magazine covers from SLAM in their NFT versions. This might as well be the very first time we will be able to witness the company venturing into the world of Basketball, and it will establish the partnership with SLAM as a pillar of recognition for their entry into the sport. 

The aforementioned NFTs will be featuring the best from the archive of SLAM, the amazing and historic magazine covers that have been the grace of the company for all these years. These amazing NFTs will be available for sale on the marketplace of DraftsKing, which again will be powered by Autograph.

Finishing thoughts: How to build your own NFT based projects?

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