Zilliqa to Launch Web3 Games Console in Early 2023: Unveils a Prototype Version

Zilliqa to Launch Web3 Games Console in Early 2023 Unveils a Prototype Version

It’s exciting news for gamers because the never-before-seen Web 3 gaming console is about to hit the market early next year. The blockchain network Zilliqa has unveiled the prototype of the latest gaming console. The console is designed to keep the complexities of Web 3 technology hidden from gamers.

Zilliqa was founded in 2017, and it is a layer-1 smart contract blockchain. In April this year, it partnered with Blockchain Gaming Alliance (BGA), MAD Lions, RRQ, Alien Worlds, and XBorg. It was evident that the blockchain brand was working on a gaming upgrade. 

Zilliqa is getting ready to start a revolution in the gaming industry with its Web 3 gaming hardware console and gaming hub. The prototype features a sleek design with multiple ports for Ethernet, USB-C, USB 3.0, and HDMI connections. The prototype is pretty exciting, but the specifications are not yet known. This creates even more excitement because the Web 3 technology will surely bring in more hyperrealistic features that will only improve the gaming experience. 

Zilliqa is tight-lipped about the specifications, but it has hinted at including a crypto wallet and mining into the gaming hub. The user-friendliness of the gaming console is touted as one of its best features. The gaming console will bring Web 3 capabilities without the complexities. 


According to Zilliqa, the research engineers spent six months developing the console prototype. The main focus is to seamlessly integrate Web3 concepts such as blockchain technology, crypto wallet, and mining software into the old and tested gaming experience. Zilliqa has made it possible by embedding a Web 3 wallet, taking inspiration from NBA Top Shot NFT collectibles. 

As gamers play the games and level up, they can get Zilliqa (ZIL) tokens. They must complete in-game missions, skills to earn tasks, and other quests to earn the ZIL tokens. The tokens are very similar to coins and rewards that gamers are so used to, but the ZIL tokens incorporate blockchain technology. 

Apart from earning ZIL tokens through the game, the players can also mine the tokens to help decentralize the Zilliqa blockchain. As more players continue to use the console and play the games, the number of miners will also increase. 

Gamers are curious to know what revenue they will earn by playing and mining using the Web 3 gaming console. However, Zilliqa has mentioned that the players’ income depends on their gaming efficiency and potential. The income players can earn purely depend on their gaming and mining skills, which will further increase the competition among gamers. 

The console cost is also kept under wraps, but gamers are willing to pay a premium price for a Web 3 gaming console. Zilliqa has quoted that the console will eventually pay for itself, meaning that the revenue generated from playing games and mining using the console will continue to increase. 

The XBorg community might get a chance for beta access to the gaming hub from Zilliqa in October this year. Once the testing phase is complete, the console will be available for purchase from the first quarter of 2013, along with a couple of Zilliqa native titles.

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