Metaverse becomes the second most viral word in Oxford’s 2022 word of the year

Oxford's 2022 word of the year

“Metaverse” has come in second place to “goblin mode” as the Oxford University Press 2022 word of the year after the procedure was opened up to electors for the first time.

In a December 4 declaration, Oxford Language said the viral term “goblin mode” beat down “metaverse” and #IStandWith to turn into its 2022 expression of the year. As per Oxford’s testing, the use of the term metaverse expanded fourfold from the earlier year in the Oxford Corpus, driven to some extent by Facebook’s rebranding to Meta in October 2021.

Metaverse lost to goblin mode, which circulated the world in February, as it apparently “caught the common state of mind of people who dismissed getting back to “normal life” following Covid-19 lockdowns being lifted in numerous areas. #IStand With Ukraine following Russia’s attack on the country in February.

According to Oxford Languages, “As we grapple with relatively new concepts like hybrid working in the virtual reality space, the metaverse is particularly pertinent to debates about the ethics and feasibility of an entirely online future.”

A commendable rival to ‘goblin mode,’ ‘metaverse‘ gained voting transactions with crypto communities and publications. We see the term continue to increase in use as additional voices join the discussion about the manageability and suitability of its future.”

In the video pitch for ‘metaverse’ delivered in November, Oxford said the term dated back to “the science fiction novel Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson,” delivered in 1992. Over 300,000 individuals cast votes between the three terms shortlisted by Oxford Languages.

“NFT,” or non-fungible token, won Collins Dictationary’s contest for the expression of 2021, while “vax” took the first position as Oxford’s picked word that very year. The latest results show a change in social media enthusiasm around the crypto-related terms, which was purportedly falling in the first quarter of 2022.

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