Moonbirds to store NFT art; raises $50M in Series A funding

Moonbirds to store NFT art; raises $50M in Series A funding

PROOF is a private association/ community that supports Moonbirds NFT Collection. They also help in housing the entire collection of ropes within the fundamental smart contract.

The accessible picture of a Moonbird NFT will eventually be built from the contract as a whole from art layers that are going to be kept on the blockchain, according to Harri Thomas, director of products at PROOF. This announcement was made in a community live video stream titled “Future PROOF” on 30th August.

Thomas asserts that their Ethereum-based NFTs will be distinct from others, which are just tokens that point to locations off-chain where the data is stored.

“This is an innovative tactic. The 10K PFP NFT collection OnChainMonkey, which was introduced in 2021, is another example of an NFT project employing a similar methodology, according to Harris.

Thomas said that the smart contract team’s focus is mainly on it, and thus they are hopeful that it will not take too long.

VC firms recently led a $50 million Series A PROOF fundraising effort. Within 48 hours of becoming live in April, Moonbirds NFT project was sold, generating $281 million. It was given the designation of a “blue-chip” NFT due to its success despite the bad market.

As per OpenSea, Moonbirds is presently positioned first in the 24-hour charts. The floor price is 13.8 ETH ($21,445 at the current exchange rates). Moonbirds holds seventh in total volume traded with over 169,000 Ether (ETH).

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