MetaJuice hits a million Web3 wallets and sells out digital collectibles in IMVU

MetaJuice hits a million Web3 wallets and sells out digital collectibles in IMVU

In an interview with GamesBeat, John Burris, president of MetaJuice as well as chief operations officer of Together Labs, stated that now the growth of MetaJuice’s patterns for selling digital collectibles with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will have outpaced the sluggish U.S. retail market for tangible goods over the last year.

Burris stated, ‘We’re discussing the ongoing success of our transition from a Web2 platform to even a Web3 platform. The company claimed that it will continue with its business plan “independent of the existence of the traditional gaming market or even the Web3 sector.’

According to him, over a million users have acquired, owned, collected, or are currently retaining VCoin on the MetaJuice site.

Burris declared, So far, we see positive outcomes.

Web3 wallets in IMVU have surpassed a million in less than two years due to the appeal of such NFT-based virtual collectibles. This pattern is being driven by Millennials and Gen Z (18- to 35-year-olds), having virtual fashion, beauty, and even streetwear products running out by the tens of thousands through an average of 7.5 minutes every launch.

According to Burris, the users who are actively engaged early on include the global user base, the truly devoted users, and the devoted creators.

The system was introduced by Metajuice last fall. On DappRadar, a platform that tracks all Blockchain activities, MetaJuice made it into the top 10 global NFT collectible exchanges during the first month. A quarter to a third of NFTs is sold again—around four million people use IMVU each month.

‘We would prefer to have NFTs which are effective and available to the general public so that owners may use, wear, trade, and even earn social currency to improve their daily digital lives,’ says Burris. ‘Digital goods sales within games or metaverses have increased gradually, and NFTs would increase its appeal through rarity, exclusivity, or evidence of possession.’

The MetaJuice team first introduced VCoin, a digital currency you can use anywhere in the world, and VCore, an ERC-20 token that enables users to influence the metaverse’s destiny. Outside of the US, VCore is accessible.

Burris stated that MetaJuice is developing some new deals for 2023 but isn’t yet prepared to reveal them. He predicts that well-known businesses, musicians, and even celebrities will participate in Web3 and metaverse activities during the year. Some gaming companies are progressing more slowly than others. South Korean businesses are operating more quickly.

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