KuCoin now lists the Mars4 Metaverse

KuCoin now lists the Mars4 Metaverse

KuCoin now lists the Mars4 Metaverse

Headquartered in Singapore, KuCoin, the premium exchange for trading digital tokens has expanded its diverse portfolio by listing the ‘MARS4’ project on its trading ecosystem. With this support, the MARS4 token holders will get seamless accessibility to purchase and swap their coins through KuCoin’s safe and secure trading infrastructure. Thriving as an innovative Metaverse solution, MARS4 offers users a golden opportunity to explore the virtual world of planet Mars where they can interact, play, and expand their earnings simultaneously.

In Layman’s words, Metaverse is a highly-intuitive virtual world that offers a real-like experience to the participants through technologies such as Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Ever since Mark Zuckerberg-led social media giant Facebook rebranded itself as Meta to unleash the potential of Metaverse technology, the sector has become the latest trendsetter. Firms and business leaders from across the globe have shown a great deed of interest in the industry. The potential of Metaverse technology is being explored by firms through innovative projects and intuitive products.

Metaverse allows users to venture across spaces that are otherwise out of their reach in general. Unleashing this potential, MARS4 consists of three interrelated segments: NFTs, MARS4 dollars, and the forthcoming game. The portal strives to bring these elements together for creating a virtual setup of Mars fueled by its self-supporting economy. MARS4 allows users to own a unique Mars land MFT designed in sync with NASA’s Mars data reports. These virtual lands are available for sale on the platform and will be an essential part of the upcoming game. The owners can develop the land by constructing stations, houses, and exploit the resources available therein.

Apart from the listing on KuCoin, MARS4 has launched a staking initiative accessible on the website for users. The staking program is in alignment with its launch on KuCoin as it will give customers an option to choose from a wide range of coins when purchasing MARS4 tokens. The token is also listed on SushiSwap, Mexc, and Bittrex exchanges. The upcoming MARS4 game will be a Play-to-Earn project where NFTs and coins shall be used as tools to expedite around Mars’ virtual world. The first version of the game is likely to be released in the third quarter this year whereas a web-based Mars Control Center will be available from the first or second quarter.

The Mars Control Center will help users to manage their holdings. The center will help them to participate in the NFT cluster, view their holdings, and pool the revenue. The gamers will sustain the Mars environment conditions and produce food, oxygen, etc. These goods will be the catalyst within the game ecosystem. They can be sold via the in-game market that uses the MARS4 dollar currency. The landowners who do not aspire to develop their own lands can assign land managers for managing the development and renting of their lands to players.

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