Unizen Crypto Exchange Gets $200M in Funds from GEM

Unizen Crypto Exchange Gets $200M in Funds from GEM

Thriving as a popular centralized-decentralized exchange platform, Unizen has secured a capital investment of $200M from Global Emerging Markets (GEM). The crypto exchange team is looking forward to using the newly-acquired capital boost in expanding their business and the core virtual asset infrastructure. GEM is a $3.4B worth alternative investment group that provides access to a diverse range of investment tools focused on emerging market equities.

According to the official report, the investment from GEM will come as a ‘capital commitment’ rather than in the form of typical traditional funding. It will be a performance-focused and milestone-based pact. This will help GEM to ensure that the funds secured are used for expanding the set goals and achieving optimum capacities for the CeDeFi ecosystem. The exchange plans to use the $200M worth of investment for strengthening its core infrastructure and broadening its operational potential.

Unizen will utilize the capital for growing its team, promoting its products in the market, and supporting its native aggregation system. The aggregation channel designed by the team helps to locate the most profitable trade options across multiple centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges like Binance, Uniswap, etc.

Interestingly, Unizen promotes itself as a platform that offers the best services combining centralized and decentralized elements. This makes it a perfect choice for those who vouch for a balance between centralized and decentralized environments. The exchange is created on BNB Chain which is the blockchain managed by the Binance exchange portal. With Unizen’s CeDeFi, investors can enjoy a plethora of benefits that are generally absent in the DeFi cluster. It promises to enhance scalability by resolving the complications that affect the working in Ethereum-based DeFi protocols. The system provides greater liquidity for users and thus attracts potential investors easily.

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