Indonesian AR company Introduces a New Social Hub in the Metaverse

Indonesian AR company Introduces a New Social Hub in the Metaverse

Assemblr has revealed its latest product in the market based on augmented reality and Blockchain. This “social hub” mainly aims to offer an immersive experience without any additional prerequisite, like an individual Metaverse application. With this, the brand is looking to adore a wider audience considering the price point for most of the popular VR headsets. As you know, Web3 technologies like Metaverse require hardware and software to get the best possible experience of different realities; VR headsets have become a serious concern for businesses in the Metaverse domain.

For those interested in trying on Assemblr Metaverse for different industries, the platform can be accessed via subscription plans for its AR builder and edu-tech platform. Assemblr deals with industry leaders like Google, WWF, Dekoruka, Ducati, and YouTube Music. 

The platform can be accessed using any web browser supporting real-time streaming platforms. Hasbi Asyadiq, the founder and CEO of Assemblr, said, “People don’t need to install any app or own a VR headset to explore the virtual world. But if they have the headset, it will be even better.”

Indonesian AR company Introduces a New Social Hub in the Metaverse

Tech in Asia covered the launch event, and Hasbi told them that the platform allows users to interact via chat and voice features without any specific hardware like a VR headset. However, a user might need a VR headset to access virtual space and interact there for better experiences. 

Assemblr is an Indonesia-based augmented reality company with extended plans to collaborate with 15 intellectual brands and properties for this social hub, viz. Assemblr Metaverse. These intellectual brands include Vernalta and Tekotok, which gives a peak at what Hasbi is trying to build here. The platform features virtual avatars and space customization with a pinch of social media features like sharing and creating memories. 

Assemblr has 900000 registered users in its user base and more than 2 million active immersive experience-based projects in its arsenal, even though the company was founded in 2018. The latest fundraising for the brand has raised 400000 USD from Ficus Capital. 

With Assemblr Metaverse, the brand looks forward to helping companies level up their collaboration to optimize creativity while reaching a global audience. The company is also open to adopting the developments of other Metaverse-based organizations like sandbox which has recently allowed customers to rent their virtual properties for multiple purposes. Hasbi said, “For the next phase, we will give options for people to rent or purchase virtual spaces for them to decorate.”


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