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Cardano network reaches 2M wallets as it prepares to scale activities with Hydra upgrade

Cardano network reaches 2M wallets as it prepares to scale activities with Hydra upgrade

In a recent tweet posted on Monday, the Cardano Foundation has declared that the number of ADA wallets have now surpassed the 2 million mark and this is very exciting news for the company and its supporters. By May, 2021, the network had already reached a milestone of 1 million ADA wallets.

It is during that period that the Cardano network successfully conducted the popular Alonzo Hard Fork, which enabled the use of smart contracts on the platform. In the meantime, Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Cardano Foundation has shifted his focus to increase the adoption of blockchain technology in the continent of Africa. Last week, he had announced through a twitter post that 5 million students in the country of Ethiopia are on their way to receive digital IDs. These IDs will be linked to their academic records which are also based on the Cardano blockchain.

Their technological development is gathering pace after Alonzo, with Hydra, their layer two scaling solution. These operate on top of an established solution in order to improve performance of the network. However, in the context of Cardano, sharding involves channeling the number of transactions off the chain and shifting them towards staking pools, or the nodes of Hydra. Following this will not even partition the ledger itself. In theory this means, the Cardano network will be able to conduct a million transactions per second.

Robinhood and Burger King collaborate to serve crypto in the market

Robinhood and Burger King collaborate to serve crypto in the market

Back in 2017 the popular fast food brand Burger King had dipped their toes in the world of cryptocurrencies with the introduction of a certain “Whoppercoin” in Russia. Even though today the coin is technically not around, it can still be traded, although it has been mostly forgotten by people.

Now in 2021, the brand is back in the game and there is a lot of competition as well with meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu dominating the market. As per Burger King, in order to receive coins, consumers will have to open an account on the Robinhood crypto exchange platform, where they will be able to claim a single prize every day.

The company added that as a brand, their intention is to reward their most loyal customers in ways that are exciting, unique and most importantly, culturally relevant. They further added that they are aware of the dominating presence of cryptocurrencies in our society at present, but since it may not be easy for many people to understand. Hence they want to make their customers familiar with the idea of crypto in innovative and inventive ways, through their food.

NFTs on Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” are on their way with a twist

NFTs on Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” are on their way with a twist

Major names in the industry of traditional entertainment are dabbling in the world of Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs, which has taken the global art and collectible market by storm. This week, legendary film director Quentin Tarantino has joined the club as NFTs on his iconic debut film “Pulp Fiction” are announced to be released soon. 

The NFTs will be released on The Secret Network Blockchain and will consist of some of the footage of the film that has never been seen before. The only thing that separates these NFTs from the general NFTs that hit the market, is the fact that these NFTs cannot be accessed by the general public. This is because the nature of the Blockchain allows it to be so.

According to the latest announcement on the website of the Blockchain, these will be the first of its kind NFTs that will be launched on the Blockchain. There will be a total of seven NFTs which will include original handwritten scripts from the film along with on set audio commentary by none other than Tarantino himself. However, as the name suggests, the NFTs will be ‘secret’ so that only the owner can view them.

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