Google Enters AI ‘War’ with Bard: Did it use ChatGPT’s Data to Train it?

Did it use ChatGPT's Data to Train it?

In the latest development in the world of AI, Google has announced its entry into the “AI war” with its new chatbot called Bard. The question on everyone’s mind is whether the tech giant used data from ChatGPT to train Bard, its latest offering in the field of artificial intelligence.

According to reports, Google has denied using data from OpenAI’s ChatGPT to train Bard. In a statement, the company said that Bard was not trained on any data from ChatGPT and that the chatbot was developed entirely by Google’s own research team. The statement further added that the company’s research team used a combination of techniques to develop Bard, including supervised and unsupervised learning.

The use of data from ChatGPT to train Bard had become a topic of speculation after some reports claimed that the chatbot’s training had been based on data from OpenAI’s popular language model. However, Google has categorically denied these reports.

In a statement, a Google spokesperson said, “Bard is not trained on any data from ChatGPT. We are proud of the work our research team has done to develop this chatbot, which is based on a combination of techniques, including supervised and unsupervised learning.”

Despite the denial, some experts are still skeptical about whether Google used data from ChatGPT to train Bard. They argue that the language used by the chatbot is very similar to that of ChatGPT and that it would be difficult to achieve this level of similarity without using data from the language model.

It was reported that Google had shared a GPT-based model called ShareGPT with OpenAI, which could be seen as a sign of goodwill between the two companies. However, it remains unclear whether ShareGPT was used in the development of Bard.

As the battle for dominance in the field of AI intensifies, it remains to be seen how the emergence of Bard will impact the industry. With Google denying the use of ChatGPT’s data in the development of Bard, it is evident that the company is determined to stay ahead of its competitors and continue its dominance in the world of AI.

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