Casper Association Announced $25 Million Grant To Support Developers

Casper Association Announced $25 Million Grant To Support Developers

Casper Association has announced the launch of its ‘Casper Accelerate Grant Program.’ This program has a $25 million grant to support Casper innovators and developers. They will use this grant money to develop end-user applications, build infrastructure support, and focus on innovative research. 

The grant program supports the development of dApps, DeFi, NFT, and gaming projects on the Casper network and its ecosystem. It also encourages crypto research specific to the Casper network. 

Casper Network is a well-known proof-of-stake (PoS) enterprise-focused blockchain. It allows businesses to create permissioned or private apps using blockchain technology. It actively works on scalability trilemma to improve decentralization, security, and high throughput. Casper charges a lower gas fee. One of its important features is upgradeable smart contracts. Businesses find the Casper ecosystem and protocol developer-friendly. Putting scalability as its top priority, Casper helps businesses to expand using blockchain features. 

To aid developers and innovators in making better use of the grant, Casper is working on launching a new digital developer portal. This portal will feature practical code and tools to create better products for the Casper ecosystem. The portal will go live in the first quarter of 2023. Developers selected to be part of the grant program will gain exclusive access to this portal and its numerous features.  

The portal will also evolve as new innovations take place in the Casper infrastructure using the grant program. Many new dApps tools can be expected to be developed next year. 

Ralf Kabuli, Casper Association’s Board Director, said, “We believe that a higher performance, upgradeable public blockchain with an innovative WASM-based development approach is fundamental to delivering on the vision of the new digital-first, global economy that will be built on blockchains. As part of its vision, Casper Association is committed to both enabling a broad and active Casper development community and to supporting that community to explore the opportunities for innovation that exist within the Casper blockchain ecosystem.”

Despite the speculation surrounding blockchain technology, Web 3 adoption is gaining momentum as investment funds pour in. Onomy also raised millions for new protocol development. This project aims at merging the foreign exchange market and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). 

Celestia Foundation also raised $55 million to build modular blockchain architecture earlier. This project focuses on deploying scalable blockchains. Celestia wants to build a supporting infrastructure that helps anyone with Web3 and blockchain knowledge to create their own blockchain at a feasible price. 

Developers and innovators who want to sign up for the grant program can send in their applications and proposals. After the Casper Accelerate Grant Commission reviews every proposal, applications will receive email notifications. 

Projects that focus on the Casper ecosystem and the Casper community will only be chosen for the Casper grant. The selection criteria will be based on the proposal’s strength, growth opportunity, commitment, experience, and track record of the development team. Overall, the project must support and strengthen the ecosystem, infrastructure, and security of the Casper network. 

Casper is on a mission to build a scalable, high-performance blockchain network. Developers who want to apply for the grant can do so at

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