Wolfram Blockchain Labs Provides New Oracle to Tezos

Wolfram Blockchain Labs Provides New Oracle to Tezos

Wolfram Blockchain Labs Provides New Oracle to Tezos

According to the recent announcement, Wolfram Blockchain Labs is adding assistance for Tezos, providing a two-way interface with the Blockchain.

As per the announcement, Tezos gets a new oracle through Wolfram Blockchain Labs integration providing aid for Tezos blockchain data within the Wolfram Language. Wolfram Language is known to allow Blockchain developers to obtain analytical data from the Blockchain. 

The language is developed for sophisticated mathematical queries that evaluate smart contract operation, and the integration aims to make smart contract implementation on Tezos simpler.

Today, Wolfram Blockchain Labs appears to be one of the most dynamic Blockchain tech companies.

Wolfram Blockchain has Developed an Oracle for Tezos

Apart from adding support for Tezos on its platform, Wolfram Blockchain has also developed an oracle that would supply its smart contracts with data available from Wolfram Alpha. This development of oracle would make Wolfram Blockchain the third oracle provider on the network, the first being Chainlink, and the second being Harbinger.

Tezos has made several moves aimed at attracting smart contract developers and DeFi projects.

In November 2020, it was announced that Tezos is implementing a protocol upgrade that reduces smart contract gas fees by approximately 75%.

The report also mentions that Wolfram integration adds a vital component to a smart contract developer’s toolkit; still, the integration remains in its early stages and has a relatively basic set of features. 

The CEO of Wolfram Blockchain, Jon Woodard, expressed his views regarding his extended plans. According to him, he has plans to extend these capabilities in various vital areas such as analytics, computational facts delivery, and blockchain educational information.

In his words, Wolfram Blockchain Labs is also exploring the possibility of becoming a Tezos “Baker,” its term for stakers.

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