Why Blockchain Education Should Be Incorporated Into Colleges?


Blockchain technology is undoubtedly a fascinating topic to look into, given the vast scope it offers for businesses across various industry verticals. What initially started as a means to transfer money from person A to person B has now become the hottest technology since the invention of the internet. It used to be the darling of underground crypto nerds and has now grown to be embraced by the biggest companies across the globe.

Given the disruptive technology it is, what are the compelling reasons for a university to invest their time and resources into blockchain education by incorporating it in their curriculum? That is exactly what we will be discussing in this article.

Specific Reasons For Blockchain Being Added to Curriculums

It is certainly a matter of deep concern that futuristic technologies such as blockchain are still not widely recognized and welcomes by our modern education system. Though there are some colleges and school that have stepped up by adding blockchain technology to their study curriculum, they are only very few of them, and these are not within reach of every student. Though it has been ten years since the creation of blockchain, there is still a lack of career-oriented and comprehensive blockchain tutorials for anyone who wants to learn blockchain development to make their mark in this domain.

Anyway, though there are only a few colleges that are providing blockchain education to their students, it is a great step, and we will hope to see more colleges and institutions joining hands to hop on to the blockchain bandwagon in the future.

Are you wondering why college students need to know about blockchain technology? Here are some of the general reasons for the same.

1. Students get sufficient time in colleges to grasp the concepts as college is the foundation that aids in building a career. They will be able to learn the practical applications that will serve as the base for having a great future in this industry.

2. Blockchain technology has become so vast and popular that knowing all about it has become more of a necessity today than an option. It is a cutting-edge technology that provides a transparent and secure way for performing global transactions that involve digital assets or money. It is revolutionizing many industries.

3. Another definite reason for learning blockchain technology is high demand. As an increasing number of companies are now using blockchain to enhance business productivity and efficiency, the demand for analysts, programmers, and blockchain developers is rising every day.

4. Better job prospects and lucrative pay scales are other reasons for being skilled in blockchain technology. As per data revealed by leading job sites, the average salary of a blockchain developer is two times the salary of a software developer. There is a huge demand for blockchain developers in today’s context.

5. Getting blockchain education prepares you for the market and gets you a high-paying job once you complete your education.

Let us now analyze some of the specific reasons for learning blockchain.

1. To Get an Edge

Though blockchain is still in its infancy, the very fact that it is getting adopted by the mainstream at such a rapid rate shows that blockchain has great potential. This provides universities with the opportunity to become first-comers in the field of a blockchain education.

Just like how Harvard has gotten associated with ‘law’ and MIT with ‘engineering,’ other universities certainly have a very bright chance of getting their names associated with blockchain by incorporating blockchain into their curriculum. At the end of the day, any university or college would want to position itself as a dominant player in a specific space that will aid the institute in carving a niche of its own.

2. Upcoming Interoperability

We are now on the verge of entering the third-generation blockchain era. Blockchains such as Cardano, AION, and ICON come under the category of the third generation. One of their most fundamental goals is to achieve interoperability. So, how can we define interoperability? It is one that enables interaction between various blockchains and legacy companies.

But how is it connected to university education?

Interoperability will allow more companies to interact and incorporate with blockchain companies. Companies will want to hire someone with basic blockchain knowledge. As colleges and institutes are aimed at teaching skills to future employees, it is their duty to provide students with an edge over their competitors. One way of doing that is by educating them in the skills that they would need in the future.

3. Surge of Jobs

Blockchain is a very hot sector in the job market right now. From the year 2015, the employment-related search engine has seen a 1065% growth in searches for jobs mentioning the terms bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or blockchain on the company’s job search site.

Linkedin, the popular business social network, has also noticed the number of blockchain-related job postings triple in the year 2017. Given this obvious demand for blockchain jobs, it is the duty of schools, colleges, and universities to educate their students on this skill.

One such app that can aid in imparting blockchain education for college students is Blocklogy. It is a mobile application designed to educate students of all age groups about blockchain. The app comprises of pre-designed, systematic blockchain courses that can be directly incorporated into professional curriculums.


The main reason for universities getting prompted to add course materials on blockchain technology is the growing demand for scholarly research on blockchains. Many colleges and universities today have started realizing the immense potential offered by blockchain technology.

To learn more about blockchain certifications and become a blockchain expert, check out Blockchain Council.

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