Top 3 Blockchain Certifications To Kickstart Your Career


If you are wondering about starting your career in Blockchain technology but don’t know from where to start, this article will answer all your questions, illustrating the best certifications to take your career to the next level.


  • Introduction 
  • Its Scope 
  • Best Blockchain Certifications 
  • Required Skills 
  • Conclusion 




With the emergence of blockchain, we are witnessing the adoption of this technology, right from the finance sector to healthcare, education, and in almost every domain. This technology can be seen as the next generation for all the industries, and it is, of course, the most booming area in terms of job opportunities. Investing in learning this distributed ledger technology will definitely lead the path of success as professionals are high in demand with less availability.


Kickstarting a career in this domain may seem promising initially, but with the right platform like Blockchain Council, you can be a Blockchain Developer, a Blockchain Expert, or a Blockchain Architect. The choice is solely yours in which direction you want to take your career.


It’s Scope 


What you think, where blockchain technology makes the most sense? If you have brainstormed a lot, let me tell you, this technology has its footprints everywhere. Gone are the days when this technology was used only in the finance sector. There are many other areas where this technology can be leveraged, thus bringing infinite job opportunities in this domain.


  • This technology can enhance the way digital advertising is operating.


  • This technology can make cloud storage more secure and robust, thus eliminating the risks of hacking.


  • Using blockchain with IoT and networking allows devices to communicate with each other, thus removing the central authority to govern the tasks.


  • Blockchain in cybersecurity ensures data is safe and not altered by any unauthorized party.


  • Apart from the above mentioned, supply chain management, healthcare, in forecasting are few other domains where this technology is prospering.


There is no second chance to decide whether to choose and learn this technology as a career path. If you are curious to acquire this fantastic technology, enrol in the online blockchain course today.

 Best Blockchain Certifications 


The deployment of this technology across industries has stirred up the demand to learn this technology. As this technology is the fast-growing skills, establishing a career in this direction is a sure-shot solution to success.


Here are the best blockchain certifications to consider.

1. Blockchain Expert Certification 


An expert is one who is capable of coding a blockchain network and can build Blockchain-based applications for business purposes.


Blockchain Council offers an exam-based exhausting training that focuses on imparting in-depth practical knowledge, helping you to kickstart your career in the best possible way.

With this training course, you will be able to show your skills in blockchain technology, where you will be able to implement its applications and build an enterprise of your own.

2. Blockchain Developer Certification


A developer is one who analyzes business requirements, designs blockchain technology based on business models, and builds and launches networks.


Blockchain Council, one of the prestigious platforms, offers developer training courses. From core concepts to imparting practical knowledge, including the learning of solidity language and smart contracts which will enable you to build your own blockchain business.


3. Blockchain Architect Certification 


A blockchain architect is one that provides innovative solutions for building and supporting client systems and applications on the blockchain. He works with technology and R&D teams to design and build solutions to leverage cross-asset concepts and frameworks.


If you want to implement your skills in this technology and ready for a head start, check out Blockchain Council for a blockchain training course.


Essential Skills Required to be the one


To be a developer, an architect, or an expert in this domain, requires a lot of skills. We have listed a few of them.


  1. Basic knowledge of blockchain technology.
  2. Profound knowledge of database and RDBMS.
  3. Deep understanding of related platforms like Ethereum, Ripple, etc. 
  4. Basic coding skills on programming languages like C++, java, python.
  5. Knowing security frameworks is mandatory
  6. Know how to drive blockchain architecture patterns




What you think is the right time to get involved with blockchain technology? The answer is simple and straight. ‘Now’ is the best time to learn skills in this technology to flourish your career.


Despite its revolutionary emergence and its scope, lack of skills is one of the leading concerns for all top companies and industries. There are millions of job opportunities in this domain, but expertise is majorly missing.

Getting certified from the top organization will definitely help you to showcase your talent. So put yourself out there and master this technology with the best blockchain certification courses.


To get instant updates about Blockchain Technology and to learn more about online blockchain certifications, check out Blockchain Council.


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