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What is Stratis Blockchain & How it Works?

The Stratis is a Blockchain-as-a-service platform which has been mainly done to provide solutions. This medium is primarily for firms and organizations that are active in the financial sector which directly wants to enjoy the benefits of this digital technology.

This platform easily allows the team to create their custom Blockchain applications with the features they require in making the development. This process is easier and faster for the development lifecycle for Blockchain projects.

This technology also allows the creation of distinct, private Blockchains,  by the third-party organizations which can customize according to their needs.

These side chains are always in the main stream of Stratis Blockchain. The access by the clients is possible.

Nowadays the central authority can take advantage of the Stratis side chains to launch their Blockchain applications. This process will have applied costs and complexity. This, therefore, will help directly to build and maintain their Blockchain network infrastructure.

Nowadays the companies and firms that use this technology can also take advantage and combine pre-existing features found in other Blockchains.

The Stratis Platform:

This platform has its currency within the Stratum Platform. This technology also needs the order to create and run these Blockchains. The code of the mainstream chain forms the base for the private chains in this platform. These sidechains are compatible, also the transfer between the two is straight.

The platform is mainly built directly on the C# Stratis Bitcoin Full node platform. This framework, which will develop on top of the NBitcoin library, a near-complete port of Bitcoin Core written in the C#.NET framework is easier to maintain and improve when compared to the traditional C++ Bitcoin Core source code.

The Stratis team will also provide consultancy services. This platform also provides advising facilities to companies on which features to use and how to implement them. Stratis will start off as a London-based consultancy firm and move to the international playing field if the demand requires it.

The recently released development of Stratis framework will help in enabling Blockchain development in C# and NET.  This structure will allow accelerated development of open-source, cross-platform Blockchain applications on Microsoft’s .net framework.

There is a broad range of developers that are currently working in C# .NET which are some of the dominant languages in business application development.

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