Top 20 Blockchain Development Companies In 2019

The surge of Blockchain technology has not only paved the way for new developments and business transformation. Rather, it has also opened the gateway for new startups to venture into this domain. We bring the list of some of the best companies in Blockchain from India and abroad.



1. OpenLedger

The company provides high-end Blockchain solutions to startups and enterprises. The company is known to develop practical Blockchain solutions. It develops Dapps on Hyperledger, BitShares, and Ethereum.

2. Blockchangers AS

The company hails from Norway and is a 100% Blockchain devoted company. The company focusses on promoting Blockchain and works together with public and private companies to promote its work and ideology pertaining to Blockchain. They provide advisory help, workshops, lectures on Blockchain and its future. Additionally, Blockchangers also provide Blockchain development services to its clients. Some of the prominent names include Lyse, Trigger, DNB Bank and others.


The company is one of the leading Blockchain software providers to clients in various business spheres. It caters to healthcare, logistics, gaming and entertainment, Telecom and FinTech. Innovecs also aims at propagating Blockchain applications and also facilitates the adoption of Blockchain technology.


The company helps its clients to create and maintain applications for mobile games and websites. It also provides multiple software solutions like web development, website designing, e-commerce, API services, etc.

5. PixelPlex

This Blockchain based company promotes the use of Blockchain technology and its application in myriads of fields. It aids cryptocurrency exchange, web wallets, browser extensions, DApps, and consensus design. It has completed around 50 Blockchain projects and has 80 developers who continually work on delivering superior Blockchain solutions.

6. Altoros

Whether you are looking for Blockchain professional services or training in the field of Blockchain, Altoros has the solution for you. It renders a one-stop solution to all those who are looking for private Blockchain services.

7. Techracers

The renowned Blockchain company provides end-to-end Blockchain solutions and solves Blockchain trilemma. The company is known to provide innovative Blockchain solutions to the clients. They have created enterprise ready Blockchain ledger which only needs to be integrated with the system, and it will help the client’s gain a competitive edge.

8. ABES Lab

This company is dedicated to Reseach more on Blockchain and improve its efficiency. Based out in Philadelphia, the company aims at developing Blockchain based solutions.

9. Itransition

The company works in the sphere of custom software development. It helps in integration of Blockchain based solutions with the mainstream business operations. It also offers Blockchain consulting and renders tech support for smart contract implementation, cryptocurrency wallet development, ICO campaigns and other aspects related to Blockchain implementation.

10. Chain

This US-based company is working on creating a crypto ledger system for the financial sector. They have also gained support from companies like Nasdaq, Citigroup, Capital One and has cleits like Visa, RRE Ventures, Orange, etc. The company works for both public and private networks and is proudly launched Sequence ledger-as-a-service for secure tokens transactions. This system is currently being used for mobile wallets, ride sharing platform and crypto exchange platform.

11. Ciklum

It is another custom software development company that is working in the Blockchain sphere. Cilkum works with smart contracts and supply chain solutions based on the Blockchain.


The company from India is making a strong impact in the world of Blockchain. The company is known to adopt innovative and new technologies and implement the same. It is the pioneer company in India that started working in the field of Blockchain and provide Blockchain based solutions.

13. ConsenSys

Founded by Joseph Lubin, in the year 2015, the company has become a trusted name in the world of Blockchain based solution providers. The company has come up with a production studio that focuses on B2C DApps development, disruptive startups, scaling tools. Joseph Lubin is also the co-founder of Ethereum.

14. IBM iX

IBM is one of the pioneer companies that had shown interest in Blockchain technology and focussed on its implementation as a part of mainstream business operations. IBM iX is the division of IBM that focusses on bringing in innovative and progressive ideas making use of IBM Deisgn Thinking. The company also is focussing on creating a Blockchain solution in supply chain management, food supply, and FinTech. Some of the prominent services include Cloud computing, custom Blockchain development, digital transformation, etc.

15. OpenLedger

The company was founded in 2014. It has a team of experienced Blockchain developers that persistently work towards providing Blockchain based solutions to the clients. The company works on custom projects for various industries like insurance, FinTech, and entertainment. It has led more than 10 ICOs successfully and has raised funds of more than $90 million. The company renders various services in the field of Blockchain like DApps development, ICO Advisory, smart contracts, crypto gateways, digital wallets, etc.

16. 10 clouds

The company was founded in the year 2009. With the help of a team of more than 100 app developers, the company has successfully been able to provide the Blockchain based solutions. Some of the common services offered by it include custom Blockchain development, ICO development, smart contracts, DApp, mobile app development.

17. Inn4 Science

The company started off in 2016, and in such a short span it has catered to variated Blockchain based solution requirements of companies. The company provides the following services: cryptocurrency wallet, DApps, Public and private Blockchain, proof of concept development, Saas development, cryptocurrency wallet.

18. Leeway Hertz

Founded in the year 2007, this US-based company has rendered Blockchain base solutions for various business niches. It is a custom Blockchain and software development company. The company offers services like ICO, Blockchain development, custom Blockchain based solutions, virtual reality, augmented reality and much more.

19. Espeo

With more than a decade old legacy, the company has provided Blockchain based solutions to its customers. It leverages the platform for Blockchain development, smart contracts, MVP development, auditing, product designing and much more.

20. Codezeros

The company hails from India and is known to provide Blockchain based solutions to industries like finance, healthcare, politics, and supply chain governance. The company started off in 2015 and has expanded its business by providing services like Blockchain development, wallet development, and Blockchain consulting.



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