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Tips To Start Blockchain Career

Blockchain Technology is emerging in every sector at a fast pace. Due to the increase in the number of blockchain projects, Companies are looking for Blockchain Professions, Blockchain developers, Engineers, Analysts, Project Managers, and many more. All who have knowledge about the Blockchain platforms, an in-depth understanding of the programming languages used for building Blockchain-based applications, are familiar with the blockchain terminologies cryptography, and more details related to blockchain technology can start their Blockchain career. People having Blockchain Certifications or who have pursued the best Blockchain courses are preferred by the top companies. You can learn blockchain online from the Blockchain council and give your career a kick start. 

Table of Content 

  • Overview
  • Knowing Blockchain Fundamentals 
  • Tips to Start Blockchain Career
  • Best Blockchain Certification
  • Conclusion 


As Blockchain technology is new and if you do not have any experience with computing technologies starting a career in blockchain can be challenging. Here, you will get to know some tips to start your blockchain career. There is always a way or a technique to start your career in a particular field. For blockchain technology, it is essential to establish blockchain basics and continuously adapting the new skills. So here we will go step by step and guide you in starting your Blockchain career. 

To begin with, understanding the Blockchain terminology, Blockchain industry, and the platforms on which blockchain is implemented. 

Blockchain Fundamentals You Must Know

To understand blockchain technology better, you need to be aware of the blockchain key elements. Here is the definition of the basic terms that are essential to know.   


It is a database where any value or information is stored cryptographically. Also, every data is secured in the blocks where one block is connected to another block in the form of a chain. It is a secured form of storing the information or keeping the record as any central authority does not govern it. 

Decentralized and Distributed Ledger

The blockchain system, which is not controlled by any centralized authority, is said to be a decentralized and distributed ledger. When working on blockchain technology, you must know the fact that blockchain works on these types of systems. 

Consensus Mechanism

Blockchain uses the Consensus mechanism to keep the system under an agreement that allows all the necessary transactions to be secure and genuine. It is a real-time, reliable, functional, secure, and reliable mechanism setting the rules for a particular system. As blockchain uses the decentralized system, a consensus algorithm is used to do all the functioning, especially for cryptocurrency security. 

Immutable Records

In Blockchain technology, no one can change or make unauthorized alterations to the transaction once made. However, in the case of any error, the transaction is re-recorded. Every transaction is recorded and visible to the people. 

Smart Contracts

Contracts are stored on the blockchain to perform a speedy transaction, automate the execution without any intermediate interaction, and reduce time. It is a set of rules or a program stored on a blockchain and runs automatic transactions when it meets the desired condition. 


Cryptocurrency works on blockchain technology. It is a type of digital currency that can be traded using ordinary money like dollars, euros, rupees, etc. but cannot be available physically. A cryptocurrency is a form of digital asset or investment which only exists in electronic form. 

Cryptocurrency Mining

Mining is the process of creating a new block which leads to the creation of the cryptocurrency. Mining a cryptocurrency like bitcoin is required to solve a unique set of equations or problems. The user who uses a particular system like high-tech computers to solve the problems is known to be Miners. You can also be a miner if you have the required skills and excellent problem-solving skills. By doing this, you can earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. 

  • Bitcoin 

It is decentralized, open-source, and uses peer-to-peer technology to operate. Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows its users to have fast and secured transactions, unlike any other payment system. It is a blockchain platform with many benefits like fast transactions, secured networks, worldwide payments, low processing fees, etc. Also, bitcoin trading is widespread and a good investment choice. You can also learn more about bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading in detail from Blockchain Council. 

  • Ethereum 

Another top-rated Blockchain platform is Ethereum. The token for its cryptocurrency is Ether (ETH). It is also decentralized, open-source blockchain technology having smart contracts. Anyone can use it around the world to build a digital economy and utilize its feature in building Decentralized applications (DApps). It has the second largest cryptocurrency market in the world. 

Tips to Start Blockchain Career

To start your career in the blockchain industry, you can follow some steps that will help you get the jobs quickly. These steps can be achieved by just sitting at your place and using the internet. A lot of online education portals are available to help and guide you through the correct path. One of the best online forms which provide the ultimate content on blockchain technology is Blockchain Council. Here you can explore the best online blockchain courses and certifications, which can be very useful for any individual planning to start a Blockchain career. 

Tip 1- Learn Blockchain Basics

Firstly, you must be aware of the blockchain basic concepts, including understanding the term blockchain, knowing the structure and operation of the bitcoin blockchain, and different types of blockchain platforms. Also, learning Ethereum blockchain is essential as most of the DApps are developed using ethereum technology. 

Following are the topics that you must cover for learning the blockchain basics: 

  • Concept of Asymmetric Key Encryption
  • Blockchain techniques and algorithms used
  • Concept of Hashing
  • Consensus Protocol

However, these topics must be covered in detail for understanding blockchain technology at an expert level. Check out Blockchain Certifications and Courses for learning Blockchain Concepts in depth.

Tip 2- Explore the Internet 

Nowadays, knowledge is not limited, and you can learn anything by just googling it! However, you need to make sure the content you are referring to is authentic and correct. If you are keen to learn blockchain technology, then start exploring free content that is accessible online. It could be youtube videos or some informative articles. You much check out the best youtube channels for blockchain technology and subscribe to them to help you keep up with the blockchain trending technologies. If you are a beginner, prepare yourself by understanding its implementation and use cases. This will give you a real-time understanding of blockchain-driven applications. 

Tip 3- Take part in Online Training Sessions (Live)

Understanding blockchain technology from experts can be very beneficial for you. Blockchain aspirants can enroll in Instructor-Led Training (ILT) sessions which are conducted online by blockchain experts. These sessions are live, which makes them an optimum choice for clearing blockchain concepts. This can be advantageous as you can ask questions and get detailed explanations of your doubts on the spot from the expert. You can learn Blockchain and pursue this lucrative career option in various sectors. 

Explore live training at Blockchain Council, which is worldwide recognized as delivering top-notch Blockchain Certification and training. Also, check out high-demand courses like Blockchain Expert, Blockchain Architecture, Blockchain Developer, NFT Expert, Cryptocurrency Trader, Polygon Expert, and many more Blockchain Instructor-Led Training if you wish to start your career in blockchain technology. Attending these live sessions is advantageous for the individual as it gives you wholesome and in-depth knowledge about the particular technology. 

Tip 4 – Be a part of Blockchain Conferences and Events 

Another important tip for starting your career in the blockchain industry is participating in blockchain events help by the experts or people of the blockchain community. However, these conferences and events can be paid or free. Do what suits your requirement. However, investing time and money into your career can be a wise choice. These events are exclusively informative and can benefit you highly. 

Tip 5 – Build Skills in Cryptography

Out of many blockchain skills, Cryptography is the one you must learn if you want to start your career in blockchain technology. There are many technical skills required to be a blockchain professional. However, to begin with, cryptography is beneficial because blockchain technology is dependent on the security of the data. Therefore, expertise in cryptography will provide a high possibility of getting a job in blockchain-based companies. Companies dealing with a tremendous amount of information require experts having in-depth knowledge about Blockchain Cryptography. Therefore, building this crucial skill can be a formidable advantage in the career of blockchain developers and experts. On the whole, you must learn cryptography before stepping into the core blockchain. 

Two types of Cryptographic algorithms are used in blockchain systems, namely, Asymmetric key algorithms and hash functions. For providing the following benefits to the b.ockchain system, the Hash Function is implied: 

  • With hash functions, every input results in different or unique output. 
  • It offers the Avalanch effect, which means that a bit of change in the information or data will affect the output. 
  • Hash functions are deterministic, i.e., a specific input will always generate the same output every time passed through the hash function.  
  • Due to the Hash Function, the output is generated very quickly.

Tip 6 – Develop an understanding of Required Programming Language

For starting a blockchain career, it is essential to be familiar with the basic programming language. If you are aware of the languages like Java, C++, and python, it will be easy for you to understand the languages and tools used to develop DApps. You must be fluent in one high-level language so that you stand a chance in adapting to the blockchain platforms. 

Candidates who have prior knowledge of the programming languages or who have a computer science degree stand a high chance of beginning their career in blockchain. So developing these skills can get you a job as a Blockchain Developer. A developer in blockchain requires hands-on experience in working on Java scripts to create Smart Contracts in the blockchain. 

Other Important Blockchain programming languages are as follows: 

  • Java Script
  • C#
  • Solidity
  • Go 
  • Ruby
  • Kotlin

Tip 7 – Know About Distributed Computing and applications 

A blockchain is a distributed ledger system, and this makes multiple software components of multiple computers run on a single system. It is advised to all blockchain aspirants to understand the concept of distributed computing as this will benefit you in getting through the interview process. The distributed network was popular when cryptocurrency came into existence. The concept of distributed computing is widely used in blockchain applications, as it offers security and a worldwide network area. Having sufficient knowledge about the distributed computing network will offer you leverage in working with the blockchain platforms. 

Tip 8 – Stay connected with Blockchain Community

Keeping track of the latest technologies is beneficial if you want to start your career in the blockchain. For that, you can connect with the blockchain community by becoming and member. The benefit of doing so is that you will receive all the new updates or newsletters about Blockchain technology. Also, you can participate in online discussions as it helps the freshers or the beginners to have a better understanding of ongoing projects and technology implemented. Starting connected with the blockchain communities also helps in building great networks. 

Tip 9 – Choose the Right Career Path 

After acquiring basic knowledge about blockchain technology and getting familiar with the blockchain terminologies, searching for the job role you want to have in the blockchain is preferred. Blockchain impacts several industries, including supply chain, finance, health care, retail, government, telecommunications, etc. 

According to your expertise, you can choose the industry and the job profile which suits you. It is crucial to make your mind about what you want to work on? Which Blockchain programming are you comfortable with? Do you want to work as a developer, analyst, engineer, architect, or any other job profile? You can search for jobs at the online job portal. 

Some of the popular websites where you can find the perfect job for yourself are as follows:

You must obtain the skills according to the technology you are going to work with. For instance, if you want to be a blockchain developer, then you must be aware of all the technical skills required for this role. Also, companies have their requirements which you can check and then build the skills accordingly. 

Tip 10- Get Blockchain Certification

The authentic way to gain the skills and knowledge in blockchain technology is to have a certification for the particular skills. There are several top-notch blockchain Certifications and courses available online which are easily accessible to anyone around the world. It is highly recommended to pursue such courses and start your career in the blockchain industry. 

Best Blockchain Certification

Blockchain Council offers exclusive blockchain certifications which are valid for a lifetime and accepted by a lot of companies dealing with blockchain technology. You can choose the certification as per your needs and enroll yourself accordingly. When certifications are added to your resume, it increases the value and chances of being selected for the particular job. 

Some Popular Blockchain certifications to consider are as follows: 

  • Certified Blockchain Expert 
  • Certified Blockchain Developer
  • Certified Blockchain professional
  • Hyperledger Certification 
  • Ethereum Certification 
  • Bitcoin Certification 
  • Cryptocurrency Certification 

The Conclusion

On the whole, we have discussed the tips which you can follow before starting your career in the blockchain industry. Also, learned about Blockchain platforms and essential terms related to them. To better understand blockchain technology, you can enroll in online blockchain certifications and courses and gain huge benefits from it. We hope this article will help in planning your career in blockchain technology. 

For Blockchain Certifications and courses, check out Blockchain Council

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