How To Become A Sought After Blockchain And Finance Professional?


As quoted in the management magazine Harvard Business Review, “The Blockchain Will Do to the Financial System What the Internet Did to Media.”


Each day, an increasing number of industries are recognizing the sheer benefits and utility involved in incorporating blockchain technology into their business processes. Some of these industries are healthcare, manufacturing, education, entertainment, real estate, etc. Having listed the various industries on which blockchain has a positive impact, we must take notice that the finance industry is also one among these. The three specific areas where blockchain can help the finance industry are trade finances, cheaper Know-Your-Customer processes, and swift cross-border payments.


Blockchain, the driving force behind decentralized cryptocurrencies, provides a better means of communicating and transacting with each other. Blockchain is one such technological innovation, rather a disruption, which has the immense potential to dominate the financial services industry as time goes by, for its great and obvious reasons.


Understanding Blockchain


Just like the internet revolutionized the exchange of information, blockchain revolutionizes the exchange of value. So, what is Blockchain?


A blockchain refers to a decentralized, digital ledger which contains a series of connected blocks. These blocks contain data with regard to specific transactions. Each transaction which takes place is stored in the block and added to the blockchain. These blocks contain a list of growing records in the form of a distributed database. Blockchain maintains data integrity by validating each block with the help of cryptography. Each participant validates the block and data in a blockchain cannot be modified without the approval of the participants, and the data stored on a blockchain is immutable (tamper-proof).


Importance Of A Blockchain Certification For Finance Professionals


Holding a certification in blockchain will help finance professionals to upskill and prepare themselves to embrace this technology, which is all set to define the future of the financial sphere. With the global economy quickly shifting towards blockchain technology, make your mark in this emerging field by enrolling in the ideal certification which will help you in aiding businesses in making the right investments at the right time. Learn the essential areas and design principles of blockchain and understand the use cases which will help you navigate the blockchain space.


A Brief Overview Of Blockchain Council


Blockchain Council is a prestigious platform which is making a positive difference through the certifications it offers. Blockchain Council comprises of a team of like-minded, authoritative experts who are evangelizing use cases, products, knowledge, and blockchain research and development for a better world.


Blockchain Council provides a conducive learning environment by educating a vast group of individuals ranging from students, entrepreneurs, executive managers, innovation managers, business administration experts, and Chief Executive Officers in the blockchain space. Blockchain Council is a private de-facto organization which works individually and proliferates blockchain technology globally.


Certified Blockchain and Finance Professional


The Certified Blockchain and Finance Professional course offered by Blockchain Council has been carefully curated to suit your needs and learning style. It is a comprehensive exam-based certification which provides you with profound expertise in using blockchain concepts to revolutionize businesses in finance.


The Significant Blockchain Concepts Covered In This Certification Are:


  • Overview of financial management.
  • Challenges faced in the current financial system.
  • Fundamentals of blockchain.
  • Role of blockchain in changing the current face of finance.
  • Vendor perspective about blockchain in finance.
  • Use cases of blockchain such as trade finance, syndicated lending, cross-border payments, and digital identity verification.


This certification will expose you to concepts related to real-world literacy on concepts such as blockchain and crypto assets technology, the risks and challenges involved, and the regulatory concerns and governance related to blockchain implementation. Wait no more! Enrol in this certification to build a robust foundation towards becoming a strategic business partner!




There is no doubt that the advent of the blockchain has brought about tremendous improvements in the financial sector and has dramatically transformed the way in which people transact. Owing to the transparency and security offered by blockchains, it is certain that more and more enterprises will adopt blockchain in the years to come, to help create clearer standards thus leading to the emergence of high-profile projects.

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