Complete roadmap to pursue a career in Blockchain

Complete roadmap to pursue a career in Blockchain

With the increasing degree of competition and uncertainty around the globe, everyone’s rushing to enhance their skills or expertise to provide them with good job opportunities. 

The blockchain sector is flourishing and gaining popularity, leading to promising possibilities for a career in the blockchain industry. According to the latest skills index, Blockchain expertise is in full swing and is highly sought-after in the US job market. 

Unbelievable! Right? Because it was not long ago that few people realized the changes that this immense potential bearing technology could bring. Thus, offering tremendous career opportunities for professionals.  

Due to its high profile of applications, the demand for professionals with Blockchain skills is constantly surging. As a result, the organizations recruit experts who carry the appropriate skill set to navigate this advanced technology.  

Of course, much like with other excellent task opportunities, not every person possesses the capabilities and skills for such opportunities. Therefore, you must develop the required skills to stand apart in the crowd and compel employers to entitle you with their investment. 

Who is Recruiting

Before heading to the relevant career in blockchain technology, let us first explore these potential recruiters. The significant participants in the crypto placement market are:

  • Tech firms: These are the organizations that have the maximum to lose when Blockchain technology globalizes. Such organizations require a team of skilled professionals with blockchain training when planning to relocate to decentralized system architecture. 
  • Startups: Creating a buzz the way people perceive businesses; these are self-governed employment and merchandise creators relying on the Blockchain technology.
  • Government: Apart from the private sector, the public sector is leaving no stone unturned to pace up with the advancing technological innovations. Since government organizations are seeking expert guidance, many employment opportunities are open for skilled professionals. As several government organizations are strategizing to upgrade to Blockchain due to its broad application spectrum, blockchain professionals are in significant demand. 
  • Industries: Flourishing industries like Banking and Finance, Insurance, Logistics, and supply chain, etc., are updating themselves with the heading technology and staying strong in the market. 

Opportunities for a career in Blockchain

Because Blockchain is one of the fastest-growing skill sets, the number of employment openings is rapidly increasing. Therefore, the pay scale of Blockchain professionals is more prominent than those of other IT professionals. Unfortunately, the pool of Blockchain talent is currently pretty small. Despite the abundance of high-paying professions, employees with blockchain expertise are hard to find. This is the reason why technological giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook have their own blockchain research and development teams.

Blockchain experts are in high demand in every sector, including healthcare, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), real estate, supply chain, and many more. In fact, some government organizations have deployed blockchain technology and are implementing it in their routine operations. 

In the United States, a junior blockchain developer’s income might be roughly $120,748. However, with a sufficient quantity of abilities and knowledge, one can taste the fruits of success.

Options for a Blockchain Career

Both startups and large enterprises are benefiting from blockchain technology. As a result, numerous blockchain career opportunities can be found in different sectors and businesses.

Let’s have a look at some of the blockchain-related job opportunities:

  • Full-Stack Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers even serve as full-stack programmers. This career could be the best fit for someone with server-side solid programming capabilities and excellent analytical abilities. Setting up nodes, understanding the end-to-end systems of blockchain applications, submitting transactions, the procedure of blockchain transactions, and knowing to trigger Smart Contract services can help you get a good job. 

To offer your services as a blockchain developer, you will need proficiency in skills like SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Javascript, AJAX, NET, Visual Studio, C, C++, HTML, XML, MYSQL, REST, FTP, and others. Several sectors, including government offices, tech companies, and financial organizations, are recruiting professional blockchain developers. 

  • Blockchain Quality Engineer

A Blockchain quality engineer is responsible for overseeing all aspects of quality in the development process. This includes automated framework testing, manual testing, developing load performance test strategies, performing research, and advising on blockchain tools. This job profile requires working with the planning, QA, and delivery of complex blockchain projects. In addition, blockchain quality engineers are responsible for ensuring that all Quality Assurance criteria meet the set protocols. An applicant with both an engineering and an MBA degree can be a suitable fit for the position. 

  • Blockchain Legal Consultants

Blockchain technology is getting under frequent supervision. Thus, corporations and organizations benefiting from the technology will need to hire or contract legal advice soon enough. Therefore, Blockchain legal consulting seems a viable career path. Furthermore, people having a thorough understanding of blockchain development and implementation methodology can pursue their careers as blockchain legal consultants. 

They must be well aware of the structure and operating functionalities to guide the businesses appropriately. A blockchain legal consultant is also responsible for administering legal relationships and contracts related to Blockchain. 

As a legal consultant, you may also require to perform the tasks of creating legal documents and due diligence.

  • Blockchain project manager

Organizations need to engage blockchain project managers to identify blockchain solutions to execute practical blockchain projects. They are accountable for both the project’s success and failure. Blockchain project managers are recruited to design, supervise and implement projects to achieve the organization’s specific objectives. Simply put, they are responsible for controlling and administrating blockchain projects. 

  • Blockchain software engineer

A blockchain software engineer is a computer programmer having a background in software design and computer science. You will need to be knowledgeable about cloud technologies and database administration to serve as a Blockchain software engineer. 

  • Blockchain product manager

The profession of blockchain product manager can be the right choice for those with a decent understanding of programming. A blockchain product manager administers the development, coding, and distribution functions. A blockchain product manager’s two most crucial responsibilities are leading time-sensitive initiatives and managing the development budget.   

  • Blockchain designer

Blockchain companies demand designers to work on both customer-facing products and websites. To work as a blockchain designer, you must know how to use Illustrator, Photoshop, and UI (web and mobile) designs, among other things. Good communication abilities would also be advantageous in this field. 

  • Business analyst

This profession entails assessing the viability of new ideas and upgrades. A business analyst’s primary role is to assess technology. In addition, they research what kinds of products might appeal to the target market. They also employ their coding, statistical and analytical skills to aid in delivering excellent customer-centric services.  

  • Risk analyst

Risk analysts are responsible for identifying risks, assisting in programming, product enhancement, information analytics, and project documentation. As a result, risk analyst is one of the top-paying blockchain jobs across the globe.

  • Crypto Community Manager

In terms of marketing and client contacts, the role of Crypto Community Manager is crucial. While serving as a network administrator, they track and report engagement statistics across all marketing.  

  • Blockchain Jobs in the Banking sector

As the use of blockchain technology in the banking sector has proved to provide significant benefits, so has the number of job opportunities for blockchain professionals in the industry. The prime reason for the rising popularity of Blockchain technology in the banking sector is the enhancement of efficiency, quick transactions, high-end security, unalterable data, elimination of intermediaries, and low operational costs. The implementation of blockchain technology in the banking sector has continuously enhanced the efficiency and smoothness of payment solutions. Even the KYC and document verification procedure has gotten easier. 

Searching for Blockchain jobs

To work in the field of blockchain technology, you may start your search on job sites that specialize in the blockchain industry. For this, you need to have completed a blockchain course and blockchain training with certification. Several institutions are providing the best blockchain courses and best blockchain training. You need to opt for the one where you can get field experience along with theoretical blockchain classes.

Based on your certification, you can filter and search for jobs at all levels, including entry and expert levels. Blockchain Works, a dedicated blockchain employment platform, is an excellent choice to start your search.

Learning Blockchain Technology

Finding the right blockchain course as per your need is pretty simple. You can simply surf the internet for relevant courses. You can take the following actions to kick start your career in the blockchain industry:

  • Start by enrolling in various Blockchain courses that provide certification upon completion.
  • Understand the terminology as you progress through the blockchain classes.
  • You can explore several youtube videos for better understanding. Some videos provide both technical and practical demonstrations.
  • Concentrate on improving and expanding your cryptography and programming skills.
  • Participate in as many blockchain conferences and events as possible. It will help you in learning more about the dynamics of the sector.
  • Also, having basic knowledge about distributed computing and smart contracts is beneficial.


If you are interested in learning more about Blockchain technology, you might enroll in a blockchain course with certification. This will open up the gateways to ample employment opportunities. The blockchain training will assist you in learning about the essential aspects of bitcoin and the blockchain world in general. And also assist in achieving success on the core blockchain platforms. You will learn about some vital terminology, Bitcoin, and its working methodology. In addition, specialized courses provide precise blockchain instructions and essential guides to understanding blockchain technology and its implementation better.

The blockchain industry is continuously expanding and offering numerous options. As a result, the chances of being employed by the blockchain industry are also increasing. According to experts, Blockchain is a long term player and will play a significant role in development. As a result, giant IT companies, banks, government offices, and businesses will continue to seek Blockchain expertise and professionals. Therefore, now is a perfect moment to begin considering a career in Blockchain and taking the necessary measures to reach there. 

If you want to keep up with the trends of blockchain industry, join our communities on Discord, Reddit and Telegram.


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