China’s Blockchain-Based Hospital to Figure Out Best Ways to Guarantee Data Security

China's-Blockchain-Based-Hospital-to-Figure-Out- Best-Ways-to-Guarantee-Data-Security

As China’s first blockchain-powered hospital is set to launch next year, few government officials have raised their concerns regarding data security and privacy issues. 


According to the statement by Cn-Healthcare, the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University will launch a pilot program by January 2021. The report also mentioned that if it were not with the integration of blockchain technology, it might be able to launch the hospital six months in advance. As blockchain integration is yet to complete, the hospital will take a bit longer to get launched.


How Integration of Blockchain will Help 


Blockchain is a P2P, distributed shared ledger that holds the characteristics of decentralization, transparency, immutability, and traceability. China’s first blockchain-powered hospital aims to store patients’ treatment information securely on a Blockchain’s network.


Apart from this, it will allow patients to access the “internet hospital” services through the WeChat applet, whose blockchain network stores treatment data and other crucial information. 

Discussions Around “Using or Not Using Blockchain”


Although Blockchain will prove to be beneficial and patients will not feel any inconvenience in the hospital visits, explained Director Niu of the Information Department of the First Hospital of Dayi, but officials of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that they are not convinced that technology is safe. They told hospital administrators that they are concerned about issues related to data security.


There were discussions inside the hospital around “using or not blockchain technology” and Director Niu mentioned that “our information department is facing a lot of pressure.”


There are rising doubts about the launch and integration of this new technology in the health sector domain. The most challenging one is the onset of this integration and how it will affect the majority of people as not many are familiar with the new technology of blockchains.

As officials have raised their concerns regarding data security and privacy issues, Director Niu added that the Ministry of Information has decided to examine the Blockchain’s applications from the viewpoint of data security, and also pointed out the direction of development for the technical staff. To come up with the solution, parties are debating about the best ways to ensure data privacy and security. 


Also, China’s President Xi Jinping once mentioned that the implementation of integrated blockchain technologies is fundamental in fostering technological innovation and transforming industries. 


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