Best Tips and Tricks to Crack the Blockchain Interview

It is important to do a lot of research before you go for a blockchain job interview. In today’s technology-driven era, the world is in need of more blockchain specialists. To crack a blockchain interview, it is important to set aside some time to cover the tips and topics that will be listed in this article. Each and every element you learn, be it both big or small, will enhance your chances of getting the role.

Tips to Crack the Blockchain Interview

Let us now analyze the various aspects you need to pay attention to easily crack a blockchain interview.

1. Research the Company

It is important to do your research about the company you are applying for, before appearing for the interview. Company websites are a major and detailed source of information as they provide details about the corporate history, products and services, mission and vision statements, press releases, and downloadable reports and reviews. You can get additional information by visiting the archive files of search engines or newspaper websites.

Here, you must make sure that you gather knowledge about:

  • Launch date and journey of the company

  • Company size (in terms of both employees and financial measures such as turnover).

  • Recent press reporting or speculation such as joint ventures, product launches, new advertising measures, and other new initiatives).

  • Social media channels.

  • Company culture.

2. Map Your Skills to Suit Today’s Blockchain Ecosystem

Some of the mandatory skills you must possess to shine in the blockchain sphere and crack the blockchain interview are:

  • Learning to drive business outcomes– Blockchain architectures focus predominantly on technology and less on business process simplification. Business-led architecture is the most crucial aspect here. Gaining a clear understanding of the business outcomes is the key. Be sure to explore the data flows between customers, suppliers, and trading partners across the ecosystem and build direct connections.



  • Understand blockchain security– Security frameworks are constantly evolving for legal, regulatory, and compliance needs. The perfect candidate must have a deep understanding of cryptographic hashing, private and public-key cryptography, Merkle proofs, and elliptic curve digital signatures.



  • Know the platforms– Selecting the right platform is of utmost importance as it might make or break a business and the multitude of networks that are available today often create confusion. You must have an in-depth knowledge of the various blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, Ripple, Stellar, Quorum, etc. This will help you identify the right use case for the blockchain platform and also articulate their differences.



  • Being aware of the standards and ecosystems– Understanding blockchain standards is a must. Participating in the ISO/TC 307 initiatives and hyperledger working groups will help you develop standards around terminologies and concepts, security risks and vulnerabilities, and personally identifiable information. As blockchain is not a database technology, it needs breadth and depth of capabilities that must be acquired by every successful blockchain practitioner. To be successful in the field of blockchain, it is important to gain an understanding of blockchain practices and principles that can be applied within business environments.



3. Predicting the Questions You May Be Asked

Once you have gained a fair knowledge about the technical concepts of blockchain and the details of the company you are applying for, you can concentrate on preparing for the questions you think you may be asked. It is possible that the interviewer might probe into your achievements and other general information. Hence it is important to be fully prepared to answer them. Some of these questions are:

  • Reasons for making a particular career move or decision.
  • Caps, if any, in your resume.
  • Motivations
  • Strengths and improvement areas.
  • Long-term career plan.

4. Attending the Interview

Some points to keep in mind when attending the interview are:

  • First impressions– It is important to present yourself in such a manner that you can have a big impact on the interviewer.




  • Body language– Right from the minute you enter the building, your behaviour might be analyzed, and hence it is important to put up a smile, walk confidently, and talk politely to anyone you interact with.




  • Think before you answer– Listen diligently to the questions before you answer them. Use every question to demonstrate your ability and be sure never to criticize your previous employers or share any previous experiences with the current employer.




If you are passionate about blockchain technology and if your heart is set on making the leap, you will certainly be able to land a lucrative job in the blockchain sphere. As blockchain is a highly disruptive industry, it is important to educate yourself constantly by reading at least one article a day about blockchains. This will aid you in changing the world for the better. Learning is a space that brings developers, business leaders, community leaders, technologists, lawyers, regulators, and citizens together inside a common engine. Every blockchain concept that you learn and every knowledge you gain will make the blockchain ecosystem flourish.

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