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Just As Flare’s Canary Network Exits Observation Stage, Smart Contracts On XRP Ledger Moves A Step Closer To Reality

Songbird, which belongs to the Canary platform of Flare Network, has moved ahead a step towards success after successfully exiting an observation mode that lasted for ten days, getting closer to the dream of establishing smart contracts on the XRP Ledger and other blockchains. According to a Press Release, the Songbird project was launched on…

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 Ripple Blockchain: A Detailed Overview

If you are new to Ripple, this article provides an excellent overview of what is Ripple, how it works, and what is actually the differences between Ripple and Bitcoin.   Learning Of Blog   Introduction to Ripple  Understanding XRP Features and it’s working  Distinguishing Ripple and Bitcoin   Conclusion    Introduction to Ripple    It is…