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Paima Studios Joins Hands With Microsoft for Startups Program

Paima Studios Ltd, a Japanese firm specializing in the design of NFT games, has announced its participation in the global “Microsoft for Startups” program. Paima Studios is a GameFi project focused on Cardano and Milkomeda. The collaboration aims to accelerate the growth of startups by providing them with unique and innovative technological solutions. It will…

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MatchboxDAO is Set to Host an Esports Event for Web3 Developers

MatchBox Arena, an esports event created especially for programmer engagement, has been launched by a group of developers, artists, or designers developing on-chain game infrastructure using StarkNet. The “World Cup of Web3 businesses” gaming tournament, as the team termed it, is intended to determine which company does have the best technical team. We are finally…

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New Survey Of Game Developers Indicates Their Excitement To Work On Web3 Games In The Future

According to a recent survey, developers think incorporating Web3 will affect user enrolment and retention. A recent survey found that three out of four game creators anticipate working on Web3 game projects in the future as Blockchain gaming becomes more widely accepted. To obtain a glimpse of game creators’ opinions on Web3, Blockchain entertainment company…