Paima Studios Joins Hands With Microsoft for Startups Program

Paima Studios Joins Hands With Microsoft for Startups Program

Paima Studios Ltd, a Japanese firm specializing in the design of NFT games, has announced its participation in the global “Microsoft for Startups” program. Paima Studios is a GameFi project focused on Cardano and Milkomeda. The collaboration aims to accelerate the growth of startups by providing them with unique and innovative technological solutions. It will be able to assist developers in incorporating its Blockchain game engine into their own applications.

Announcing the partnership, Paima Studios took to its official Twitter handle,

We’ll work together to help game devs & web3 entrepreneurs in Japan easily deploy their apps using the Paima Engine👍

With Azure’s game services & new AI functionality, it was a natural fit.”

The studio will join the startup program to assist Japanese game developers and Web3 entrepreneurs in incorporating the Paima Engine into their applications. Through the company’s partner network, it will provide dedicated resources for growing your business. This collaboration was appreciated by Sebastien Guillemot, Paima Studios’ Co-Founder and CTO.

Joining this program will also allow the gaming company NFT to broaden its circle of partners, as it will gain access to the power of the American company’s partner network. It will also help the company save money on IT costs. The program offers free Azure credits up to $150,000. The company can then freely use these credits to purchase services on its cloud services platform.

For the uninitiated, Paima Engine is a new Web3 engine (Layer 2 solution) and Stateful NFT that enables applications to associate data such as loyalty points systems, user history, and game progress with player-owned NFTs that represent their identity on the system. This enables the use of several innovative technologies, such as Paima Engine, without the need for knowledge of Blockchain-specific programming languages.

Microsoft for Startups is a global startup support program offered by Microsoft that is available in over 140 countries worldwide. It provides free resources to founders to help them overcome the challenges that startups face.

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